The Most Flattering Jeans for Your Body Type

Shopping for jeans is not only tiring, but it’s so hard! You have to try on every single pair to know exactly how it fits, and more often than not there’s always something a little off that you wish you could change. We’ve searched high and low to find several great pairs for every shape, and given you tips on how to find the best fit to make shopping for denim a whole lot easier. Scroll through the slideshow to see 12 pairs for every body type—from hourglass, petite, curvy and tall.

Lindsay Peoples Sep, 21, 2015

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What to look for: The key to dressing an hourglass figure is to accentuate the waist, and draw the attention vertically instead of horizontally.

Tory Burch High Waist Flare Jean, $225,

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A high-waisted pant is your best option, but for the most flattering fit try a wide-leg pant with a slight flare at the bottom that will show off your curves, but lay flat in the front and make you a lot taller. 

Topshop MOTO Mid-Blue Mom Jeans, $70,

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What to stay away from: The fit should be a little too tight the first couple of days but after that the perfect fit. Often times with hourglass figure, people buy the bigger size and wear a belt to take it in at the waist. This causes bulging at the front and the waist will stretch over time.

J. Crew Lookout High-Rise Jean in Wallace Wash, $125,

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What to look for: A jean with a slight curve to show off your legs is the best option. 

J. Crew Lookout High-Rise Jean in Resin Wash, $115,

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Look for a pair that doesn’t pinch at the waist, shapes your butt and fits your thighs. 

TOPSHOP TALL MOTO Tally Flare Jeans, $70,

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What to stay away from: Show off the length of your legs with wide leg or skinny jeans that have a straighter cut at the bottom—cropped or rolled up hems at the ankle cut off the length making them look too short for your legs. 

Gap 1969 Perfect Boot Jeans, $69.95,

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What to look for: Jeans that have enough stretch but also have some sturdiness to them.

HARPER + LIV PLUS High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, $69,

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Look for a more narrow cut leg in the thighs to show off your curves.

ASOS Curve Ridley Skinny Jean in Darlia Indigo Wash, $54,

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What to stay away from: Go for solid colors—whiskers, fading and embellished details can thicken legs. Find a pair that have the least amount of gapping or puling at your waist—your jeans should hug your waist just right. 

NYDJ Marilyn Straight Jeans, $130,

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What to look for: Girlfriend jeans—they’re the new and improved version of the baggy boyfriend jeans with a slightly tighter fit, that still gives the illusion of curves without looking like they are two sizes too big!

Joe's Kalia Provocateur Distressed Petite Bootcut Jeans, $189,

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Seven7 Roll Cuff Girlfriend Fit Jean, $24,

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What to stay away from: Skinny jeans with solid darker tones with make you look taller, but try balancing it out with a bulkier shirt on top. 

ASOS Petite Thea Mid Rise Girlfriend Jeans, $33, 



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