Mommy Den: 6 Things All Black Moms Have Thought

It's a universal truth that having kids is like having your heart walking around outside of your body, and for many of us there are specific concerns that come with raising our children in this world where racial identity can carry so much weight. Here are just a few of the things that stay on our minds.

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 27, 2015

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How do I let them explore their inherent personalities yet hope/pray/steer them away from [insert Black stereotype here]?

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How do I vehemently stress that use of the N-word is neither a right nor a privilege? It’s just wrong.

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How do I prepare him for every interaction with authority knowing that he could do everything right and still have a bad outcome?

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How do I help her not have deep-seated issues with her hair?

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How do I make sure he/she feels handsome/beautiful in a world that doesn’t always show them that they are?

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What do I do when my child first learns about slavery and will it affect their self-esteem?