All Hail the FLOTUS: Michelle Obama's 10 Most Aww-Worthy Moments

This is our ode to the coolest First Lady in White House history. Whether she's willingly divulging her age or turning up with a turnip, FLOTUS can do no wrong.

Taylor Lewis Apr, 23, 2015

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They say you should never ask a lady her age… Unless you're the First Lady. When a pint-size White House visitor asked Michelle how old she was during a Take Your Children to Work Day event, we all gasped. But Mrs. Obama took it in stride. She happily told the youngster that she was 51 years old, and even invited the little girl on stage for a hug when she told Michelle that she she was "too young for 51."

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We want to be like President Obama and the First Lady when we grow up. Earlier this year, the two lovebirds strapped on some boxing gloves and grabbed a hand weight to pose for an Instagram picture celebrating five years of FLOTUS' Let's Move initiative. That's true love, y'all. 

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Michelle Obama might be the only person who can dance with a vegetable while still retaining her dignity. In an effort to promote healthy eating, she grabs a fresh grown turnip and turns up while DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What" blasts in the background. We've never been so obsessed with a six-second Vine video in our entire lives.

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Michelle Obama + Jimmy Fallon = Magic. Earlier this month, Michelle and Jimmy partnered up to give us part two of "The Evolution of Mom Dancing." Clad in tacky sweater sets, the two boogied their way to Internet viral-ness with dance moves like "The Shush and Tush" and the "Getting a Bag From Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink." Our favorite, though, would have to be the "Jimmy Fallon."

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No one is immune to the Kiss Cam, even (read: especially) when you're the President and First Lady. The crowd—and Malia—were upset after the President Obama and Michelle missed the first time the Kiss Cam landed on them at a U.S. versus Brazil expedition game. Luckily, the couple got a second chance to smooch later on in the game. 

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Standing tall at 5-feet-11-inches, we're thrilled to introduce your newest Miami Heat recruit, Michelle Oooooo-bama. When members of the Heat, dressed in their Sunday best, came to the White House to promote a healthy lifestyle, the FLOTUS photobombed (videobombed?) their mock interview by slam dunking a Nerf basketball in the background. Watch out LeBron—you have some competition.

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When Michelle O speaks, you listen (which explains why she was such an excellent speaker at Black Girls Rock! annual celebration). The FLOTUS made a special appearance at last month's televised ceremony, in which she gave a heartfelt speech touching on the beauty and magic of young Black girls. "I know there are voices that you are not good enough," she said during her speech. "No matter who you are, no matter where you come from. You are beautiful. I am so proud of you." 

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Don't lie: You still have this episode buried on your DVR. Back in 2009 (and again in 2011, 2013 and 2014), FLOTUS journeyed from Pennsylvania Avenue to Sesame Street to teach kids all about healthy eating and growing your own vegetables. And with these special appearances, Michelle takes home the prize for cutest cameo. Ever.

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Let's move!  Let's go! Let's jump on our feet!
Let's dance! Let's boogie to a brand new beat!
All right kids, gather, let's strap on our hats
Because reading and dancing is where it's at!

(We imagine this is what was said as Michelle taught kids about reading and the importance of staying active with the help of The Cat in the Hat)

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It was a scene straight out of a fairy tale. The newly-elected President and his lady twirled their way to the White House at Obama's 2009 inauguration ceremony as Beyonce serenaded them with a beautiful rendition of "At Last." To be completely honest, we still get teary-eyed every time we watch the video.