Make a day off pay off one-day money makeover steps

We don't often advocate missing work, but we've found some simple ways for you to make a personal day profitable. Save thousands and get your finances in shape by following this one-day money makeover. By using the Internet, the phone and the Yellow Pages, you'll end the day with more savings, better spending habits and a solid plan for the future.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2008

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Make your own coffee. Your daily java jones can run between $540 and $1,440 per year.

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Get on the phone to negotiate lower credit card rates, compare phone service providers, and monitor accounts.

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Change the filter on your air conditioner. A clean filter helps conserve energy and save cash.

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Join an online DVD rental service to cut out late fees. Just mail and go.

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Gather your loose change and cash it in a local bank or coin machine.

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Shop smart to shave up to 20 percent off your grocery bill.
TOTAL SAVINGS IN ONE DAY: Up to $ 6,986.32


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