Let's Pause For a Moment to Enjoy the Gorgeousness That Is Billy Brown

As the winter finale of ‘HTGAWM’ approaches, all we can think about is how to survive the holidays without our weekly date with steamy star Billy Brown. Solution: Keep this gallery handy!

Charli Penn Nov, 16, 2015

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Brown, who plays Annalise’s hunky lover Nate on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, brings news meaning to hot chocolate. How do we love him? Allow us to count the ways.

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And, who could be mad at that? Mmmhmm. Billy, we see you boo!

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Now this is what you call profile perfection. Does Brown even have a bad angle? We vote "no"!

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Click that "like" button if you can't get enough of Brown and his perfectly tailored dress shirts. Go ahead, we'll give you a minute.

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Although his character Nate Lahey is involved in a lot of serious drama on the show, in rea life he smiles more, and we're head over heels for his wide, winning grin.

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This man needs a workout tape for the fellas, like, yesterday. Come on, you know you'd be the first in line to buy your guy one for Christmas.

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If you tune in to How To Get Away With Murder, you already know that Brown's body is toned to perfection. Even when he's fully clothed, those guns have a way of stealing the show.

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Steaming up the screen with a brilliant and beautiful actress like Viola Davis can't be easy for any actor to pull off and keep his cool. Brown seems to do so effortlessly.

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Brown, who was born and raised in Inglewood, California, just exudes Cali coolness.

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There's something about Brown's commanding presence both on and off screen that immediately puts the hooks into your heart. We'd call him captivating, but we need a stronger word. How would you describe your crush on this cutie?

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If Brown looks familiar, it's because his time on HTGAWM isn't the first moment he made you do a double take when he popped up onscreen. Brown is best known for his role as detective Mike Anderson on Showtime's hit drama Dexter.

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Brown has a real way about him both on and offscreen and it's sending his female fans into a frenzy. Can you see all that swag dripping from this photo? Oh my!