Just Engaged: Sonovia and Ian's Paris Engagement Photos

After Ian proposed to Sonovia in Paris, the couple also shot their engagement photos in the City Of Lights and their beautiful shoot instantly took our breath away. Let's celebrate their upcoming "I dos."

Lauren Turner Sep, 17, 2014

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For Ian, Sonovia was "The One" from the start. "I honestly knew before we started dating, which is crazy," admits the happy groom-to-be.

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After going through a tough breakup, Sonovia just wanted to be Ian's friend. "Needless to say, I wasn’t looking for love," she admits. "I did, however, consider Ian to be a great friend with whom I could laugh and chat with from time to time." And, look where that led! Ladies, never close your hearts to love of any kind.

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"We clicked right away, like we'd been friends since birth," says Ian. "It was a seamless transition. It was almost scary how it happened."

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Ian has really made a difference in Sonovia's life and her friends don't hesistate to tell her that he's a keeper. "My friends say that he is perfect for me," says the bride-to-be. "Ever since we started dating they say I have become less reserved and more fun and silly. He allows me to be carefree and brings out the best in me."

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Instead of just sticking with the regular dinner and a movie, this couple tries to explore new territories on date night. "On the weekends, we like to think of cool, non-traditional dates to go on throughout the city. We have the most fun by being creative and thinking outside of the box about things that we would like to do that require the least amount of money," says Sonovia. "And, we also have our Sunday 'two-fer' (2 for1) tradition at the movies."

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"I love that my future husband is thought-provoking, caring and ambitious," gushes the bride-to-be. 

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This happy couple took a trip to Paris that they'll never forget. "We brought in the New Year on the Love Lock Bridge in the City of Lights, which also happened to be on my 30th birthday," says Sonovia. "Thirty minutes later we got engaged and two days later had a surprise engagement shoot. The rest of our vacation was filled with great eats, sites and scenes. This was definitely an eventful trip to say the least."

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Sonovia wasn't really expecting the proposal from her future hubby in Paris. "We talked about marriage in the future, so I figured it would happen eventually," she says. "I sure didn’t think it would happen when it did."

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When the proposal actually happened, Sonovia wasn't even ready for it. "It happened so quickly. One moment he was sharing his thoughts on our love and what I meant to him (not unusual) and it felt like I blinked and he was down on one knee!" says the future Mrs. Harmon. "I immediately starting crying because I couldn’t believe he had planned and done all of this for me, I was excited and shocked at the same time."

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Ian was pretty confident before he proposed to the love of his life. But there was one thing on his mind. "I was most nervous about making sure everything happened right and that she did not find out," he says. "There were so many opportunities for it to get messed up with so many moving parts to the plan. But, it ended up being great!"

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Ian impressed Sonovia (the party planner) with all of his planning skills. "He got me an Verragio Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring from the Parisian Collection," she shares. "It was always his dream to be able to propose in Paris and he found a ring that was fitting for the occasion and my personal style. He picked it on his own."

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"Our wedding theme is vintage travel. We love to travel and we like things that are classic and old world," says Sonovia. "It seemed all the more fitting when we decided to have a destination wedding. Our colors will be blush pink and metallic gold."

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Sonovia knows just what type of bride she'll be. "I believe that I'll be filled with love, joy and complete resolve as I focus on the journey I am about to embark on with my life partner," she says, "and reflect on wonderful memories that have lead to this pivotal moment."

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And this party planner knows she won't be a bridezilla either. "As an event and wedding planner, I have had my experience with [bridezillas]," says Sonovia. "I am a woman who is clear on what she wants; love, peace and happiness. If something doesn’t go as planned, it wasn’t supposed to happen."

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Aside from the wedding planning, this couple still enjoys the fun parts of being together. "If you're spying on us on a Friday night, you'll probably catch us cracking jokes, dancing or acting silly in our living room," says Sonovia. 

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Ian and Sonovia both knew they were meant to be together when things came naturally for them from the start. "I was able to be me all the time without feeling a certain way," Ian recalls. "I never changed who I was, and to find someone that accepts the good and the bad and still wants to grow with you...well, that’s priceless."

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Sonovia feels the same way. "Ian loves me for who I am, he believes in me and inspires me every day," says Sonovia. "We pray together, we talk everything out, we laugh together and we dream together. He is truly my life partner."

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On their wedding day, Ian is sure he'll know it's real. "Looking into her eyes, I'll feel at peace," he says. "I am set for the rest of my life no matter what else happens."

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When it comes to being engaged, Sonovia loves everything about it. "My favorite part of being engaged is knowing that it's the first step and simply a promise to the beginning of forever with such a wonderful man," says the beautiful bride-to-be. "Each day I find myself falling deeper in love with my soul mate. "

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Sonovia is that much more in love with the idea of being married to Ian than planning their wedding. "I'm looking forward to continuing the journey of truly becoming one flesh," she says. "I have never been so connected with someone. It is not only a blessing, but it’s an amazing feeling. I am looking forward to creating a beautiful family as a result of the abundant love God has allowed us to share and experience with one another." We're so happy for you both. Join us as we congratulate the happy couple!