Just Engaged: Jasmine and Marcellus

Philadelphia couple Jasmine and Marcellus got engaged on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa and they plan to tie the knot in the Dominican Republic this winter.

Charlene Cooper Aug, 14, 2013

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Jasmine and Marcellus just couldn't get enough of each other after meeting for the first time at a party. Now, after dating for almost three years, the couple is ready to call themselves husband and wife forever. Let's celebrate their love!

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One of the things the sweethearts love to do together is dine and be social. "We enjoy trying new vegan and vegetarian restaurants," Jasmine shares. "We also enjoy spending time with our friends and family."

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What does the groom-to-be adore most about his leading lady? "I love that she's beautiful, confident, funny, intelligent and caring," Marcellus brags of Jasmine.

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Marcellus' first impression of Jasmine was that she had a great sense of humor and he could tell she was the one for him from the start. "When we first met I just wanted to be around Jasmine as much as possible because we connected and she inspired me to be better," he says. "That’s when love hit me!"

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Jasmine's friends and family think very highly of Marcellus, but one of the strongest connections her man has made is the one with her father. "He and my father have really hit it off," she shares. "It’s great for me to see my future husband be good friends with my dad."

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If you’re spying on Jasmine and Marcellus on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch them dancing -- one of their favorite pastimes.

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"I knew Marcellus was 'the one' on our first official date," says Jasmine. "We talked for hours, and I had never been able to talk with someone like that. It’s hard to explain because when you meet your soulmate it’s a feeling that words just can’t describe."

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Jasmine and Marcellus can agree that they make each other better every day, but she tell us that her husband-to-be is the best man for her because he truly understands her. "We often know what the other person is thinking before anyone says a word," she admits.

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Second to his heart, Jasmine says Marcellus' eyes are the sexiest part of his body.

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Three things that you'll definitely find in the couple's honeymoon suitcases are swimsuits, cameras and walking shoes so they can walk together and capture all of the beautiful sights and sounds their romantic destination has to offer.

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Jasmine and Marcellus' unconditional love is what has always made them the perfect fit for one another.

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"When we’re finally husband and wife, I can’t wait to see the world together," says Jasmine. The happy couple will get a head start in their travels together with a "beach party" style wedding this January in the Dominican Republic. Then the pair hopes to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in Brazil. Want to see your engagement photos featured in Just Engaged? Email us now!