Just Engaged: Brittany and Eric's Engagement Photos

Eric asked his college sweetheart Brittany to be his bride on a romantic gondola ride. Let's celebrate their love story!

Charli Penn Apr, 16, 2014

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"In my past relationships, we had so many ups and downs that I couldn’t even plan our next days, (laughs) but with Eric," says Brittany. "I just knew that I could trust his word. He put in as much as I did from the beginning and continues to."

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"I knew he was going to propose eventually, but I had no idea the day of," says Brittany. "I’m naturally inquisitive so I am extremely hard to surprise but his proposal came less than seven days after a near fatal car accident and a salary cut of 24% (yes both things happened to me in the same weekend). So when he proposed I had a lot on my mind, but he picked the perfect time to remind me of what is most important."

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Brittany and Eric were a happy couple for four years before Eric popped the question.

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"My friends say that Eric is crazy (in a good way) and that he is the best thing that ever happened to me," Brittany admits. "He balances me."

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"He is the best man for me because he loves and knows the real me," says Brittany. "He takes the time to love me in spite of my flaws and challenges me to be better even when I’m being stubborn."

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"I love his goodness," Brittany shares. "I mean he truly is one of the best people I have ever met. He inspires me to be better, to love more fully and to give of myself more. I have grown so much just from knowing him. He is the best part of every single day."

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"I will be a southern bride," Brittany tells us. "It will be very romantic, complete with pearls and all."

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"I thought I would be a birdezilla, but I’m not," says Brittany. "I am honestly too happy about getting married to sweat the small stuff and I’m naturally a planner so I have been fairly self sufficient throughout the process. My planner and I have moved mountains thus far! No need to be a bridezilla. I’m just getting things done to make sure the day will be beautiful and very us."

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"She’s always had my back since day one and has never wavered in that," Eric shares. "I appreciate her willingness to be by my side at all times and I'm fighting the urge to say ride or die chick. (Smiles.) It’s really a rarity to have someone like that when you consider how many people are out for self nowadays. Not only does that provide assurance for me, but it also lets me know that she is going to be a great mother to our future children as well."

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"The whole 'find someone who is equally yoked thing' is really true, though," Eric insists. "While our personalities are quite a bit different, our overarching interests, desires, likes and dislikes, spirituality and upbringings are all similar. Often times you can find someone who you can 'force' yourself to get along with in a relationship, but it’s a blessing to not have to worry about adapting yourself to fit another."

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"I could go on for days about the different ways I fell in love with her, but I think one of the most critical parts of loving someone is dealing with conflict," Eric shares. "We can never stay angry with one another for long and Brittany is always eager to work things out whenever we have a disagreement. That’s one of the best parts of loving her."

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"We love talking on our balcony because we get away from everything and just focus in on each other," says Brittany. "However, whenever I really need to talk I know that Eric will drop everything to lend a listening ear and/or a helping hand."

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"I love the commitment and the promise of being engaged," says Brittany "Knowing that he is excited about the next phase makes it even better."

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"Originally, I had planned to propose on my mother’s birthday (October 19th), but after I picked up the ring and reflected on what she had been through over the past week herself and with me, I was really moved to do it on the 11th, which is another significant date for us," Eric shares. "I rearranged everything I had planned for that date and it all worked out."

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"I think the most exciting thing for me will be to watch our maturation as a couple and how we grow together, have a family, and build with one another," says Eric. "I’ve told Brittany before that I feel like we have been married already, so for me, it’s more about the journey that we embark on once we say 'I do.'"

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"Brittany was a bit reserved around me at first, and it was hard to get a read on her, so what made her stand out was her mind," says Eric. "We were intent on picking each other apart mentally, so it was a change of pace for me, constantly trying to figure one another out to see if we would mesh. I enjoyed that thoroughly."

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"I’m looking forward to calling Eric my husband and to continue planning our lives together,' says Brittany. "I also love children so I am very excited about becoming a mother in a few years. It also helps that I’m sure Eric will be a great father."

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