Janet Jackson's Weight Loss Journey

Janet Jackson has had a long battle with her weight in the public eye. We've watched the beautiful pop star struggle with maintaining a healthy weight for most of her long career. Today, with a better grasp on how to control her emotional eating , Janet Jackson is finding beauty in her shape. Here, we're taking a look back at Janet Jackson's whirlwind journey with weight loss and gain.

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Janet’s washboard abs were her signature in the 90’s.

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Janet showed off her movie star good looks at the 2005 Vanity Fair Oscar party. Though the self-described workaholic had weight issues since she was a girl, she followed a strict diet and grueling workout plan.

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At her heaviest in September 2005, Janet weighed 180 pounds which she says she gained for a movie role with “Precious” director, Lee Daniels. She lost it by going on a strict five-day-a-week workout plan with trainer Tony Martinez.

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Even though Janet was heavier than usual, ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri loved her as is, she said. "It’s unconditional love there,” she told Ellen. “He was always grabbing my extra stuff and looking into my eyes and telling me that he loves me and [the weight] needs love too.”

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Janet has admitted to being an emotional eater especially during stressful times, like recording an album.

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As quickly as Janet packed on the pounds, the iconic performer lost it all. By July 2006 she had gone from 180 to 120 pounds in four months. She showed off her tighter physique on the cover of US Weekly. The issue sold the most copies in the history of the gossip rag.

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Janet maintained her figure by enlisting the help of nutritionist to the stars, David Allen, who created a plan for five small meals a day.

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By October 2007, Janet had a new attitude and a new movie, Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married.”

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By July 2008, Janet was no longer as skinny as she was post weight-loss and went back to a steady size, which she has maintained since.

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Despite calling herself an emotional eater, Janet did not let the stress of a breakup with Jermaine Dupri derail her from maintaining her weight.

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A svelte Janet Jackson presents the BMI Icon Award to her brothers in 2008.

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Janet attends amfAR Milano 2009 looking curvy and healthy in a dazzling Versace dress.

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It seems like Janet finally found her healthy weight in 2010. The pop star is neither too thin nor too heavy. With a new outlook on her weight issues, Janet believes she can gain control over her fluctuating weight.

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During an interview with ‘Good Morning America’s’ Robin Roberts in 2009, Janet admitted to finally being at peace with her body.

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Janet Jackson attends the special screening of “Why Did I Get Married Too?” on March 22, 2010 in great shape.

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On “American Idol” Janet shows off her figure in a black dress that she tore off to reveal a sexy jumpsuit.

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These days Janet has stopped the yo-yo dieting and is maintaining a healthy size. Here she is on the set of Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.”

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Living the single life, Janet unveils a new gamine hairstyle and an amazing figure for the L.A. premiere of “Why Did I get Married Too.”


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