How To Spring Clean Your Love Life and Be a Better You

Refresh your attitude and change your love life. It’s that simple.

The Matchmaking Duo Mar, 21, 2016

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grass is greener and the flowers are blooming. Spring is here once again, which means it is time to be out with the old and in with the new. And, we don’t just mean in your house—we’re talking about your love life too. Whether you’re single, dating, or exploring a new love, it’s time for a refresher on how to be the best you in the process.

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Start with your closet and move all the darker colors to the back and the pastels and fun pieces to the front. Take an honest self-check and determine whether you need to buy a few new things one size up or down that are flattering in your post-winter body. The key is feeling beautiful in the skin you’re in today while you work on new goals. Fun spring wardrobe-shopping spree anyone?

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Maybe you have moved on from a relationship you outgrew, or maybe it was hazardous to your life.  Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship that no longer serves you, drop the extra weight by making a clean break and then rid your house and environment of everything that is a constant reminder of it. Maybe it’s a picture you have posted in your living room or an article of clothing that reminds you of him. Let it go as a tangible way to remind yourself that you are moving onward and upward. If it’s a handbag or piece of jewelry, gift it to one of your closest girlfriends who’s been there for you along the way.

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Find a great photographer and arrange to pose for fun, lifestyle-inspired pictures that will show off your personality, style, and the things you like to do best. Post these new photos on social media or even on your online dating profile. Remember outdoor photos are the best. Your photos should tell a story and bring him into your world.

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Everyone should focus on being as healthy as possible. Better weather brings more opportunities to partake in outside activities and potentially meet a new circle of friends. Take up a group class like golf, swimming, tennis, jogging, boot camp fitness, hiking or biking. Just about every major city offers these sports in a group or club form and if you’ve exhausted the options in your town, try one town over.

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Those of us with busy schedules have to be intentional about our beauty rituals. Stop at the makeup counter to take a look at new colors and trends and make an appointment for a makeup artist to give you a new spring look and allow them free reign to use their expertise to offer some new suggestions. If you have always worn nude colors, try a nice new bright color to pop your lip or vice versa.

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With the arrival of warmer weather, maybe you want to go lighter or get some fun highlights to welcome the season. If your hair has always been short maybe you want to go longer or vice versa. Whatever it takes to revitalize your look and feel even more amazing to kick a new season of fabulosity.

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It’s so easy to hear from a friend or colleague about how much fun they had at a local event you didn’t even know about, yet it was right under your nose. Start making a list of upcoming outdoor concerts, food and wine festivals, and other fun things to do and plug them into your calendar now. One thing we can almost guarantee is that it is almost impossible to meet someone while you’re just sitting at home.  Get yourself excited about your new social schedule and don’t break your plans unless it’s an extreme emergency. Grab a girlfriend and hit the road!

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Your new look and being more visible locally will help to get you noticed, but your positive attitude plus a nice warm smile, will help start the conversation and ultimately lead to exchanging information so you can stay in touch. Take in your surroundings throughout the day and make it your goal to connect with someone new every day, whether it’s someone at the gym, at the bank or the grocery store. Make a lasting impression by being friendly, smiling and saying hello.

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It’s always our goal to arm you with the tools to help you organically meet someone special and then keep the fire going when it happens. He’s out there waiting for you. We just need you to be visible and ready. Here’s to spring and here’s to LOVE. Cheers!

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