House of Payne

House of Payne
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Pops (LaVan Davis) and Malik (Larramie Doc Shaw) pay a visit to the principal’s office for a meeting with Madea. Guests stars Tyler Perry and KeKe Palmer joined the cast for this episode.

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CJ (Allen Payne) bonds with his on-screen children Malik (Larramie Doc Shaw) and Jazmine (China Anne McClain). China Anne was also featured in another of Tyler Perry’s projects. Check her out in ’Daddy’s Little Girls’ playing opposite Idris Elba.

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We’re loving Alan Payne’s guns of steel showcased in this scene where his character hangs out in the fire house between emergency calls.

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Pops, Ella (Cassi Davis) and CJ attempt to handle a lot of their family’s drama in the kitchen. Cassie Davis has been working with Tyler Perry for the last five years.

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Just when Jazmine steps over the line and forgets about boundaries, her big brother Malik is there to snap her back into reality.

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If it’s too tight, it aint right! Pops thinks for some odd reason that he can squeeze into his fireman uniform from years ago.

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People actually think actress Cassie Davis and actor Lavon Davis are married in real life. Actually, they’ve worked together for a number of years but the the pair are not married.

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‘Tyler Perry presents The House of Payne’ hits both a comedic and dramatic mark with viewers. Here CJ confronts his wife, Janine (Demetria McKinney) about her secret drug addiction.

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While Pops believes he is always the voice of reason and of course the king of his castle (or in this case firehouse,) it’s hardly ever true. Here he is on yet another one of his infamous tirades.

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When Curtis and Ella reluctantly welcome their nephew’s family into their home, they never realized it would turn into a highway of activity every day. Curtis is always on a quest to get them moved out.


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