At Home Hair Remedies for Healthy Curly Hair on NYE

Before the clock strikes 12, be sure to jazz up your curls with these top home remedies.

Deena Campbell Dec, 31, 2015

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Using apple cider is a great first step to clarifying your scalp and removing any product buildup in your hair. The cider also rids your strands of dandruff and other dirt on your scalp.

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Similar to apple cider, baking soda removes impurities, product build-up and excess oil without stripping the hair. Baking soda can be used after shampooing or in place of.

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Aloe vera is chock full of proteolytic enzymes that stimulate hair growth. And because of this, it serves as a great conditioner that helps maintain the pH balance of the hair.

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Did you know honey releases hydrogen peroxide that can be used as a lightener? Simply mix three tablespoons honey with two-tablespoon water and let the mixture sit in your hair for an hour. You won't see immediate results, but over time your hair will become lighter. Also, oney coats hair cuticles and makes them easier to comb.


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