Happy Birthday, Will! 25 Photos that Prove Will Smith Only Gets Finer With Age

How much do we love Will Smith? Let us count the ways! As Smith celebrates his 47th birthday, we rewind time and reminisce about the many times the star has completely won over our hearts.

Charli Penn Feb, 23, 2015

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How much do we love Will Smith? Let us count the ways! As he celebrates his 47th birthday, we rewind time and reminisce about the many times the star has completely won over our hearts.

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Do you remember the first time you realized you had a crush on the one-and-only Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? We've been hooked since the show debuted on September 10, 1990.

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Since day one, Mr. Smith has had no shortage of swag. There was always something super welcoming about that goofy smirk on that gorgeous face -- the perfect combo!

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Signature swag for a signature heartbreaker. Smith may not have put this pose on the map, but he certainly made it famous.

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Now this is a story all about how Mr. Smith's 90s sexiness turned our lives upside down....Ha!

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In the early 90s, when Smith wasn't breaking hearts on TV, he was rockin' the mic on stages across the counrty as the other "Fresh Prince." And, um, about those arms!

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Click that like button if your 90s "bae" once wore something just like this to pick you up for a date. He was trying to get his Mr. Smith on, and you know it!

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Smith's signature hip-hop style has always been a true crowd pleaser. Will, can we wear your chain?

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The Fresh Prince, shown here in the 90s with his musical partner in crime DJ Jazzy Jeff, always set the standard for what "sexy" meant to black women at any time.

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Smith's most devoted fans will tell you that there is something about his unique brand of sexiness that was as alluring back then as it still is today. Can we get an amen?

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Who else could look this good in a turtleneck back then? No one but Smith. Lord, we would have let him take us anywhere.

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With his hat to the back, Smith walked right into our hearts. Alright now, cutie!

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Smith was always best dressed on the red carpet in our books.

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Smith has always had the unique ability to balance all of that gorgeousness with a great sense of humor. He made the ladies swoon and laugh from the beginning and we're still here for it today.

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Hot guy plus cute puppy equals instant swooning. Are we right? We love this throwback Smith moment just because.

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Smith was never afraid to just relax and have a good time with the cameras, and in the process, he served the ladies one delicious eye candy treat after another.

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It has been a real pleasure to watch Smith evolve as an actor, a man and a husband who is constantly devoted to his leading lady, Jada Pinkett-Smith. How can you not love that?

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Smith has always brought the star power to some of the biggest summer blockbusters of our time. We admit it, the crush we had on this "man in black" was unwavering.

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Even today, no one wears a suit quite like our favorite leading man, who continues to captivate audiences and fans worldwide.

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Can you believe this man is pushing 50? We can't! At 47, Smith is as fan as ever and still proving his a boss in the industry. Can he tell us how to get to the fountain of youth please?

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Smith's fan appeal continues to grow with his resume. Whenever he makes an appearance on a talk show or does a red carpet interview, his words and style instantly make headlines.

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Smith has a way of always looking good on the fly. Even the paparazzi cannot catch this man off his game.

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What's your favorite Smith pose? This defintely has to be one of ours.

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Smith looks great in anything, without question. But, he has mastered the grey suit and we can't get enough of seeing him in it.

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Calling all Smith fans: Did you enjoy our little trip down memory lane? What do you love most about Will? Tell us why you'll always be a fan below!