Happy 20th Anniversary: 15 Reasons Why the Obamas' Love Inspires You

The Obamas' strength, devotion and love for each other has moved the masses. We asked our readers what inspires them most about the couple's amazing love story. When it comes to the First Couple, here's why you always feel the love.

Charli Penn Oct, 02, 2012

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“I see my boyfriend and I in the President and First Lady. Not giving up and fighting for what is right.” —Ronnett Norfleet

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“I’m inspired by the wonderful love they have for each other, and they show it.” — Dollie F.

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“They both love and support each other through it all, and I love the fact that they still have date night once a week.” — Ahshuia L.

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“They are so relatable to me. They seem to be best friends that have a genuine love, respect and trust for each other.” — Commelita M.

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“It is wonderful to have a First Lady who is so intelligent, so confident, so endearing, so beautiful and so strong! Only the brightest and surest of men can marry and live with a woman like First Lady Michelle Obama. President Obama is the one!”

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“You can see that they truly love each other and their family.” — Patricia W. B.

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“This is a woman who went out and married a man with a hole in the floor of his car and who wore shoes a half size too small. She believed in him then and when he became the President of the greatest nation in the free world.” — Camille K.

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“I like the fact that they're still together after so many years and have seen the struggle, yet through it all, they still commit to each other… They are teaching their daughters values in life and what its like on the outside as well. I think they are just as normal as we are. I just love them and truly admire them and everything they've done and continue to do for this Country! I'm young, but I pay attention. Obama and Michelle have such a beautiful relationship. I truly love my president and his family!” —Javae D.

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“[The Obamas] remind me of the importance of family and ensuring that children are the center of it all.” — Dee N.

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“Beauty, love, understanding, flirtation, trust, communication, family, happiness, attitudes, prayers and devotion to God — now that's what they have to me.” — Clemmie R.

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“They were on The View the other day and Michelle said although she is resting and in bed before him, when he does come he tucks her in. There’s so much about their union that I admire. I think that is beautiful.” — Deirdre A.

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“[They are] a perfect example of how couples are supposed to carry themselves and raise a family. I have total respect for them. More people should share their morals, beliefs, and family structure.” — Cynthia W.

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“What inspires me about the President and First Lady is the love they have for one another and that they are not afraid to show it publicly. The fact that they work as a team and are partners is awesome to me as well. I recall the First Lady saying she loves President Obama more now than ever before. I want to be able to say that about my husband when he comes into my life.” —Ayana W.

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“[She is] such a beautiful and strong woman. It’s hard to find Black women like her that will hold her man down and speak so kindly of him. I hope I am able to be as strong and intelligent as she is.  Every man with dreams needs a Michelle in their life.” —Camelia M.

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“I admire their love for their family and that they’re humble.” — Stephanie C.

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