Great Beauty: The Eighties 'Brow

Well-groomed brows act as gorgeous accents, framing your face and eye area. And right now, the bigger the brow, the better! Gone are the days of over-plucked, barely-there brows--these days, stars like Jill Scott are rocking fuller, flawlessly shaped Eighties arches. But even a fuller brow needs shaping and upkeep--if you've never tweezed before, try having them shaped professionally first, and then using the line as a guide when plucking errant hairs. Too nervous to tackle it at home? These at-home brow maintenance products and insider tweezing tips take the anxiety out of arch-shaping!
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 04, 2010

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Stars like Jill Scott are returning to a fuller Eighties brow. Check out our favorite celebs rocking the look—and great products, tips and tricks for defining your own arches.

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Paula Patton’s thick, elegantly shaped brows are the perfect compliment to her almond-shaped eyes

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Use a pencil to enhance sparse brows or mask holes caused by over-tweezing. Urban Decay Brow Beater ($14, has a creamy pencil, brow-bone highlighter and a brow brush.

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Taraji P. Henson’s has the perfect in-between brow shape—not too skinny, not too thick.

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Brandy amps up her brows by filling them in with a brunette brow pencil.

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Mally Beauty Brow Beauty 3-Step Brow Kit in Sable ($35, comes with a double-ended pencil to define and color, a brush to comb brows into place, and a gel to give all-day hold.

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Nicole Ari Parker’s flawlessly shaped, auburn-hued brows give her face definition and style.

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Estelle’s high, full arch perfectly frames her eye area.

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Tweezerman Petit Tweezer Set in Glitter Pink ($25, comes with an ultra-fine tweezer for tiny, hard-to-grab hairs, and a slanted tweezer for more general plucking.

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Once a fan of the skinny brow look, Beyonce’s now rocking a set of full, gently shaped arches.

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Kerry Washington’s softly shaped brows are the perfect accent to her movie star features.

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Lorac Take a Brow Kit in Dark Brown ($22, comes with two color-coordinated brow powders, a clear brow wax for holding stray hairs in place, and an amazing brow brush.

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Letoya Luckett has gorgeous brows—they’re lush, expertly shaped, and totally natural-looking.

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“Vampire Diaries” star Katerina Graham rocks an impressive set of Old Hollywood-esque, glamour girl arches.

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To make thin brows look fuller, fill them in with short, soft strokes using a brow pen like Anastasia Brow Pen in Universal Dark ($21,

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Joy Bryant’s delicately shaped arches brilliantly frame her face and offset her cheekbones. So pretty with her graceful updo!

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For added drama, Cassie’s light brown brows were extended using a brow powder.