First Lady Style: Pearl Necklace Trend

Michelle Obama's pearl necklace trend.
Zandile Blay Oct, 20, 2010

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Single strand. Multi strand. Short. Long. Chunky. Small. When it comes to her signature accessory -- pearls -- Michelle Obama wears it all and she wears them with everything. Check out some of our favorite shots of a chic First Lady in her favorite accessories ever.

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A simple long strand with matching earrings makes this day-dress that much chicer.

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Our First Lady tops this floral look with two strands of pearls.

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A simple strand of pearls add effortless chic to this look.

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The First Lady opts for her signature two strand of pearls – and rightly so – for her official portrait.

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Michelle Obama wears several signature looks in one: the cardigan twin set, vibrant patterned skirt and of course, two strands of pearls.

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Metallic belt, argyle cardigan and a strand of pearls make Mrs. Obama’s story-time very chic.

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We love the contrast of of green and yellow. It serves as a perfect background for a strand of white pearls.

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With this look, Obama stays clear of all accessories – except her one essential piece: the pearl necklace.

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Again, the First Lady forgoes all other accessories to focus on her favorite one: pearls.

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Understated elegance is the best way to describe this mint blue sheath and double-strand pearl ensemble.

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Not just for gowns and skirts, Mrs. Obama also pairs her pearls with pants.

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These champagne colored multi-strand pearls are as as stately as our First Lady’s pose.

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The traditional pearls soften the modern neckline of Michelle Obama’s dress.

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A single strand of pearls is rare for the first lady, but it works wonderfully for this demure gown.

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The rich navy is a perfect match for these large, double strand pearls.

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From earrings, to the sheath, to of corse the pearls, the light notes in this dress create a clean visual palette.

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This long single-strand necklace is a lovely departure for Mrs. Obama.

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Medium sized pearls are paired nicely with Mrs. O’s knee length purple sheath.

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In homage to her love of pearls, the First Lady dons a lei crafted from multiple strands of pearls.


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