Fall Fashion: Get Your Closet in Order

Fall Fashion: Get Your Closet in Order
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 18, 2009

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It’s that time! Before you stock up on autumn’s new trends, take a moment to get your closet in order. Organization guru BillyHendrix shares her tips.

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First things first, you will need to store your summer garments. Before packing pull out items that should be tossed or given away. Once you get your clothes packed in clear bins, try storing under your bed or if you have, unused attic or basement space.

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The weather at the beginning of Fall can be tricky. So, when packing up, don’t forget to leave out your “transitional wares”. You can get some additional wear from your lightweight cardigans and dresses. Try grouping them together with a fabulous belt (think First Lady Michelle Obama). Tanks and Tees can hang around for a little while for layering, or rock that tee underneath a blazer with some jeans for a casual chic look.

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Next, examine last year’s fall threads before you shop. Be honest with yourself – does it still fit? When was the last time you wore it? If you haven’t wore something in two years, let it go! Find local shelters and churches that will except your wares. Now with a little room, invest in a few new pieces. We’re all on a tighter budget this season, so make each purchase count. The top trends are dramatic shoulders, leather jackets, skins and accessories.

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Ladies, like mommie said, ‘No wire hangers!’ For this season’s padded shoulder garments, seek out padded hangers from places like Target. For that fabulous off the shoulder garment, try velvet hangers. Place the armed shoulder on one side of the hanger, while placing that annoying sewn on string on the other side of the hanger. Also when you get things out of the dry cleaners, remove the plastic right away to allow your clothing to breathe. Return wire hangers to the cleaners for reuse if you can.

Expand the space in a small closet, by using double rods and leave some space for dresses.

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Cool baskets around the house can be a great storage for the fall. Use baskets that reflect your personal style for storing everything from sweaters and socks to hats, scarves and handbags. Visit your local arts and craft vendors. Also search for an authentic African baskets at basketsfromafrica.com or trendy options at crateandbarrel.com.

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Don’t forget to take care of those shoes! Use shoe trees to protect their shape and shoe bags or bin to store, especially those fabulous skins. Frequent your local shoe repair shop for shoe shines and keeping those heels in tack. Lengthen the life of your shoes with a little TLC, and visit your local home or hardware store for help.

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Keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean! Place special scented liners from the store (or dryer sheets for a cheaper option) with your socks, hosiery, lingerie and sweaters in your dresser drawer.

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Your coats should have room to breathe. A wrinkled coat will kill the best fall fashion. Place cedar blocks in your closet to keep coats smelling good and rub them with sandpaper to keep them fresh.

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When your closet looks good, you will feel good! Color coordinate to bring more order to your life. And if you are too busy, order a professional like BillyHendrix


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