Eye Candy: Youth Coach and Actor Jermaine Jacox

“Seeing a woman happy makes me happy,” boasts L.A.-based actor and youth coach Jermaine Jacox. (Chocoholics, we’re about to make your day!) Say hello to our latest crush.

Charli Penn Oct, 21, 2013

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“I know how to listen to a woman and treat her well,” says sexy model Jermaine Jacox, 39. “That, in and of itself, is the best form of pampering a woman can receive from her man.”

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“I know where I’m going in life and I am on my way,” says Jacox. “I have been through enough in my life to make me wise to a lot of things.”

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Jacox grew up on the south side of Minneapolis. “The people are pretty friendly there,” he tells us. “We call it ‘Minnesota nice.’ There, people speak to each other in passing. It was so cold most of the time that we had to be in the house, but we made it work.”

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“The best thing about growing up was the holidays when all the family got together at my grandmother’s house,” Jacox reminisces.

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“I have been playing sports since I was younger, so I always stayed in shape,” Jacox reveals.

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When Jacox’s brother’s girlfriend suggested that he look into modeling, he posed for a few photos and the next thing he knew, he was in a Target magazine.

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In 2007 Jacox made his own 12-month calendar. Shortly afterward, he made a trip to Los Angeles to try his hand in acting. While there, he met a couple of people and booked his first big job. “After that, I decided this is what I need to be doing,” he shares. “I prayed and relocated to L.A. in June of 2008. I have now been here five years and have been blessed to be working the whole time.”

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“I love what I do,” says Jacox. “I love creating each character I perform regardless of whether it’s a commercial character or theatrical character. I love to entertain people while also giving them something to think about. Acting provides an opportunity for me to change people’s lives for the better.”

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“I stay inspired because I know this is what I have been ordained to do,” says Jacox. “I am inspired when I see the accomplishments I’ve made in such a short time. To see other people I know working is also a big inspiration.”

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Jacox visits the gym at least five times a week, although he tries to take Fridays off.

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“Self-discipline is the biggest rule I have,” says Jacox. “There isn’t always going to be someone to tell you, ‘Let’s go; push another one out.’ We have to want it enough for ourselves to work out even if no one goes with us.”

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“Working out is relaxing to me—it’s not a task, it’s a pleasure," insists Jacox. "This is why you may see me in the gym at 1 a.m. with no problem. I don’t keep myself fit for others; I do it for me. I’m trying my best to preserve my life for the good it can do for others.”

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“I love nature so I love being outside, listening to all the sounds of flowing water, animals, insects, etc.,” says Jacox. “I love museums and amusement parks too."

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If you want to cuddle with Jacox, you may want to curl up to a good book. “I enjoy reading and I am now getting into creative writing, too,” he says.

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“Working with children is a true joy, so working in children’s camps and after-school programs are great for me,” says Jacox. “I love children. They are my passion, and I am here to touch as many young souls as possible. I bend over backward to show them love and teach them that there is another way to succeed besides living for the streets or drugs.”

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“I am not as serious as I look,” says Jacox. Well, he’s still seriously sexy. 

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Jacox says he’s single and dating, ladies. “I am a very hard man to please,” he jokes.

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“I would like to be in love and have more children,” says Jacox. “I was raised with a big family so it’s what I know.  It will simply take the right woman, and I’m patient.”

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Jacox loves a woman who is "confident in her femininity."

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"Fatherhood means the world to me," says Jacox, who has two sons and a daughter, who is deceased. "I love them with all my heart. Giving them life is the most important thing in the world I could ever have done, for we were told to go forth, be fruitful and multiply."

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