Eye Candy of the Week: Michael B. Jordan

Eye Candy of the Week: Michael B. Jordan

ESSENCE.COM Oct, 29, 2010

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We interrupt your regular grown-and-sexy programming to ogle at 23-year-old cutie Michael B. Jordan. The actor who plays footballer Vince Howard on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” opened up to us about what turns him on.

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“I grew up in Newark, New Jersey and the term ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ was me growing up around my family,” Michael — who was raised on the same street where his grandmother, great aunt and cousins lived — told us.

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Michael’s been called The Denzel Washington of his generation. “The first time I heard it I was like, ‘Who me?’” he laughs. “The more I hear it, it pushes me to raise the bar for myself and continue to learn and grow in this industry.” Time will tell if he stays sexy throughout his career, like Denzel.

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A thinking man, Michael appreciates spending time by himself. “I love alone time, just me and my thoughts,” he explains. I’m also persistent and well thought out especially with things I want, and I love to smile and laugh."

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“I’m the guy you want dating your daughter, the best friend to your son — I’m just a loyal person,” Michael says with confidence.

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“I’ve heard I have nice eyes and nice lips,” Michael says. “Ladies, what do y’all think?” We’d have to agree, Michael. Those lips are oh so kissable.

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Young ladies, Michael is available. “I’m definitely single [and] looking,” he says. “Even though they say you should never go looking for love and relationships cause you’ll never find the right one.”

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What’s the way to this guy’s heart? Crack a joke. “I like someone who can make me laugh and have great
conversations,” Michael says.

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“I’m a sucker for eyes,” this looker says, “and yes [butts]. I said it, I’m a proud Black man and I look.”

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“With me little things go a long way,” Michael says. “I like a woman that will be a woman and let a man be a man. I guess I’m kind of old fashioned that way.”

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“My turn-ons: cute feet, a woman who will take my plate after I’m finished eating — the little things — whispering Spanish or any [foreign] language in my ear,” Michael lists. Te amo, mi amor. Te amo mucho.