Eye Candy: We Salute You

Ex-marine turned personal trainer Miles Partridge’s sultry stare and chiseled physique will put you in a trance. Plus, the Kansas-based cutie says he’s “honest, straightforward and as loyal as a German Shepherd.” Sounds like our kind of guy!

Charli Penn Aug, 11, 2014

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Personal trainer Miles Partridge is a Midwesterner, born and raised. He grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and currently resides in Overland park, Kansas. Anyone up for a road trip?

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“Before my service ended, I became a Certified Personal Trainer to carry on with my work as a civilian,” Partridge explains. “I now host a YouTube page, sharing my fitness knowledge with everybody, and as for my massage work, my passion is to heal people’s bodies and minds through massage therapy.”

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“I’m motivating others to become better and stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” says Partridge. “I’m educating people on fitness and nutrition. And I’m offering a healing touch to relieve aches, pains, stress and anxiety.”

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“I was actually bullied for being light-skinned in an all-black school,” Partridge admits. “I was discriminated against and called ‘white.’ It’s sad, actually, that people have to categorize one another that way. This actually inspired me to be somewhat of a superman as I grew older. I began to look out for bullied kids.”

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“Life is just one big workout, so have fun with it,” insists Partridge.

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Partridge stays busy with lots of pastimes and extra curricular activities. “My favorite are spending time with my family and friends, learning new things, exercising, martial arts, bike riding, enjoying nature, going to museums and amusement parks,” he adds. “Just having a good time outside.”

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“I think a woman’s sexiest qualities are her eyes, voice, speech, confidence, intelligence and body,” Partridge reveals. “Her eyes and voice are genetic, but the other qualities tell me how she truly lives her life.”

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“You can’t give what you don’t have,” Partridge insists. “Many people are so caught up in pleasing others that they forget, or oftentimes don’t know how to love themselves.”

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“I will tell my son to treat a woman the same way he wants me to treat his mother and the way he would want a man to treat his future daughter,” says Partridge. “I will teach him that everyone should be treated with respect.  Everyone.”

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“Whenever I fail at something, I have only two options: waste time pointing fingers and placing blame or pick myself up and move forward,” Partridge explains. “I will always choose the latter.”

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Ladies, are you drooling yet? ** fans self **

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Partridge is named after the late jazz legend Miles Davis. “We share the same birthday!” he adds.

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“I’m excited by a woman who is intelligent and about her business,” he admits. “But also playful, confident, humble and self-respecting yet selfless. And, I’m over the moon if she’s also athletic.”

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“To impress a woman, I’d simply be little ol’ Midwestern me,” Partridge says. “I’m hoping women want a good, genuine man who has a bit of a bad boy side.  In a nutshell, that they want a Gemini. Because, um, that would be me!”

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Although Partridge says he’s pretty good on his grill, he’s also a self-proclaimed noodle master. “I’m a 5-star chef when it comes to cooking Ramen!”

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Want to see more from Partridge? Watch his YouTube fitness channel or catch up with him on Facebook. Oh, and don't be shy; he's all for being your #MCM today.