Eye Candy: There's Something About San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is our latest reason to love the game. Ladies, are you ready for some football? Meet our obsession!

Charli Penn Nov, 18, 2013

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NFL star quarterback Colin Kaepernick keeps things interesting on the field and manages to look like a work of art while doing so. What’s topping that? Game on!

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Kaepernick became a household name in 2012 when he lit the football world on fire when he became the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers almost overnight. That’s when he first grabbed our attention and we haven’t taken our eyes off him since.

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Kaepernick played college ball at The University of Nevada (Reno). We bet the ladies filled the stands to watch him do his thing at the home games.

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Kaepernick got his lucky break when he filled in for the team’s injured quarterback in 2012, but his skills quickly led the team to the playoffs and then all the way to the Super Bowl and he proved it was truly his moment to shine.

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With all that padding, we don't get to see Kaepernick's 8-pack as often as we'd like, but any glimpse is worth the wait. See? **fans face**

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Kaepernick gives new meaning to "arm candy" for the ladies. He stays fit for the game but a peek at those arms makes the fans feel like winners too!

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Ciara's sexy hit single title is the first phrase that comes to mind when we see Kaepernick warming up (sans uniform) on the field. This guy really knows how to turn up the heat and make it look effortless.

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Kaepernick joined the youth football team when he was eight and he was a natural. (Obviously!)

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We're not the only ones crushin' on Kaepernick. The Best Man Holiday star Sanaa Lathan posted a photo of them together at a bar and the internet was all abuzz with rumors that they were dating. Our favorite part: She didn't confirm nor deny. (Wink!)

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Kaepernick is so hot right now, he has even made his form of touchdown celebration famous. It's called “Kaepernicking” and it has quickly become a fad. The signature pose involves flexing and kissing the bicep of one arm with a clenched fist resting on your head.

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If you're not following Kaepernick on Instagram yet, you should get on that. (He's a fan of #selfies!)

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Oh, Colin, we love your smile. Mean muggin' is so common on the field for NFL players that when we get a chance to see Kaepernick's winning smile, we need a time out too!

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When Kaepernick walks through the fog clouds before the start of a home game, we start to feel a little dejå vu. We're guessing it's because it looks like a scene right out of one of our daydream fantasies starring him.

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Kaepernick's arms are filled with tattoos of biblical verses to remind him of his strong Christian faith. Before his sundays belonged to football, during his college days, he says he was a regular at the Baptist church.

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In case you missed Kaepernick's steamy September GQ cover (which would mean you haven't left the house) let's enjoy it once again.

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Multiracial cutie Kaepernick was born to a 19-year-old single mother and then adopted by the Kaepernicks who badly wanted a son after losing their two boys to heart conditions. It's beautiful to see that he's remained strong in his faith and committed to his goals despite any adversities he faced as a child.

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If your horoscopes say you're compatible with Scorpios, Kaepernick might be just your type. (Wink!) We don't care what ours says, this guy has everything we're looking for in the perfect catch.

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Kaepernick's steamy stare puts female fans in an instant trance. Wait...what were we saying? Um...yeah, like we said -- it's dreamy!

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