Eye Candy: The Sexiest Men on Twitter

Eye Candy: The Sexiest Men on Twitter
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 21, 2011

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Heartthrob actor Idris Elba tweets constantly — sharing his whereabouts and and up and coming projects, inspiration, and shout outs to fans.

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Talk about a treat! Recently, Idris “accidentally” blessed fans with this self portrait during Twitter After Dark. He quickly removed it, but not before it was all over the web.

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We sure wish we’d been the one “Jumping the Broom” with sultry actor Laz Alonso. Look at all that loveliness. Catch him tweeting daily on the site.

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We just had to give you a closer look. We’re all about Laz’s sexy, flirty smirk.

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Over 2 million fans follow Usher Raymond on Twitter, and we’re willing to bet you over 90 percent of them are ladies keeping tabs on their main man. We’re in the mix for sure!

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Usher’s way too busy to tweet every day but to make it up to his fans he sometimes shares sexy personal photos like this one.

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We love actor Lance Gross. From his smooth skin to his sexy smile, he’s definitely our chocolate sunshine. Find him on Twitter and follow, now!

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Actor Lance Gross brings the sexy on-screen and on Twitter, frequently sharing fun vacation photos like this one with his fans. (Who we’re sure are super grateful.)

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Model and actor Boris Kodjoe is the definition of sexy and one of our Twitter faves. Follow his feed here.

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Boris frequently shares sexy self portraits like this one with his Twitter followers.

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…and this one. Yummy!

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Sultry (and stacked!) singer Tyrese is known to steam up the screen, and lately, his twitter feed too. He keeps his tweets sexy and relevant. If you’re a fan, he’s a must-follow. Find him on Twitter here.

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Sexy singer Trey Songz can use those lips to sing to us any time. To find out what’s on his mind, catch him on Twitter. (He keeps his feed flowing just like his hits.)

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Sigh…Oh, Trey! Ladies, what’s not to love?

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When we featured “Single Lades” star DB Woodside as Eye Candy the ladies went nuts for his sexual chocolate. We told you lots you didn’t know about DB, and here’s one more tidbit: He’s on Twitter! Go press that follow button if you love him as much as we do.

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‘House’ star Omar Epps brings his grown and sexy style to Twitter, where he shares show news and personal updates with fans. Follow him here.

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The newest star wide-receiver to join the New England Patriots, Chad Ochocinco, is one of our biggest NFL crushes. If he’s yours too, follow him on Twitter now.

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Yum, yum, yum! More Chad please!

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Chad doesn’t disappoint his Twitter fans — ever. This is just one of the many steamy pics he’s shared with his loyal lady fans.

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Mariah, we get it. Nick’s sensitive, romantic, and uber sexy! Find him on Twitter, ladies.

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Nick doesn’t mess around when it comes to his sense of style. He’s so serious about fashion he even wears designer socks. Follow his feed to get daily photos of his “sock swag” — no, joke!

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When he’s not sending shout outs to celeb friends, like Kelly Rowland, or teasing ex-girlfriend Ashanti for not supporting his hometown baseball team, Nelly sends his fans little tweet treats likes this gem here that we swiped from his feed.

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Our favorite southern rapper keeps things hot on his feed, blessing his fans with a twit pic here and there. Follow the hotness here.

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We sure do love Luda. This southern cutie pie keeps us smiling — and his Twitter fans too. He’s big on showing followers some retweet love, so go follow him now if want a shout out from the king of southern hospitality.

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Our favorite thing about Luda? That seriously sexy stare! What’s yours?

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Joe loves the ladies, and the ladies love Joe — us included. We recently debuted the sexy singer’s new ‘Losing’ video exclusively on the site. Did you watch?

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Bald and beautiful! Joe’s smooth looks and sweet sounds have been consistently wonderful throughout his career. Find him on Twitter here.

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TV personality and actor Terrence J is both humble and hot — the perfect combination. It’s no surprise he has more than 750,000 Twitter fans. Follow him now, ladies.

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Unless you’re a Twitter pro you might find it hard to keep up with the Queens native. He keeps the tweets coming — some just minutes apart — and his fans are loving every single character.

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Jamie Foxx is a triple threat. We love a man with a sense of humor who can sing us a love song and play the perfect role in our loves. Put simply, he’s the renaissance man of our dreams!

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Want more of Mr. Foxx? Connect with Jamie on Twitter now.

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If you love a man with muscles, stacked rapper The Game is checking for you. Frequently spotted sans shirt, both on and off Twitter, it’s clear he knows what his lady fans like. Follow him here.

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So what’s The Game got to say on Twitter? Any and everything. He’s used the site to gather fans to play pranks, share family photos, and promote his latest work. His feed is just full of surprises. Follow him to find out what he’s up to now.

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Miami Heat hot shot LeBron James makes the ladies swoon whether he’s on the court or hitting the beach. These days he’s keeping things hot on Twitter too. Fans can follow along as he tweets with celeb friends (Kanye West) and shares funny personal photos. Follow him now!

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Island heartthrob Sean Paul keeps his devoted fan base posted on his latest performances and antics through Twitter. Follow him now.

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We’re not sure we’ll ever stop crushing on Common. Those lips! Those eyes! That skin! He’s one fine and talented brother, and a sure bet for this list of Twitter temptations. Follow Common here.