Eye Candy: The Sexiest Men Of 2013

We've rounded up the most drool-worthy Eye Candy moments of the year for your enjoyment. Ladies, can you handle it?

Charli Penn Dec, 30, 2013

1 of 28 James C. Lewis of Noire3000 | N3K Studios

Most days, sexy model Montgomery works out twice to make sure he keeps up a healthy and sexy physique. When we introduced him, fans were instantly smitten with how handsome and down to earth he appeared. See his gallery here.

2 of 28 Jennifer Cooper Photography

Model Shawn Newman hails from Philly and he makes sexy look easy. He wants to be best friends with his woman, he can cook a mean breakfast and calls Barack Obama his role model. Need we say more? See his gallery here.

3 of 28 PJ Russ Photography

Aspiring model Jody Jacobs is definitely looking for the woman of his dreams. “I’m open to the gift of falling in love,” he says. He’s self confident, loyal to God and fiercely passionate about success. We’ve already fallen for him, and now it’s your turn. See his gallery again here.

4 of 28 Allan Spiers Photography

Illinois-based model Sesamir Yearby, 30, took our breath away the moment we first laid eyes on his mesmerizing features and physique. When we came to, we just knew we had to share him.

5 of 28

Does this picture even need a caption? Our guess is, you're not even reading this right now. By all means, please direct your attention back to the photo on the left. To see more of Ferguson click here.

6 of 28 Uwe Grosse Photography

Midwestern honey Chijioke "CJ" Wylliam Osiah was born in Huntsville, Alabama but grew up in Detriot, and is currently a student living in Bowling Green, Ohio. Save us a seat next to this cutie! See his gallery here.

7 of 28 Quillard Inc. Photography

“I know how to listen to a woman and treat her well,” says sexy model Jermaine Jacox, 39. “That, in and of itself, is the best form of pampering a woman can receive from her man.” Agreed! See more of his steamy photos here.

8 of 28 Max Philisaire

Philisaire has abs for days, and we could spend a lifetime getting our stare on. See more of his gallery here.

9 of 28 IAMEYE Photos

Humble heartthrob Karras Jordan may play it a little coy with the ladies, but when the shirt comes off, he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Remember this sexy guy? See his gallery here.

10 of 28 Foto 119

When we first laid eyes on sultry model Kenneth Guidroz we had to stop and catch our breath. Look at these steamy photos if you dare. Warning: Fainting may follow! (Is there a doctor in the house!) See his gallery here.

11 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“For all the ladies who love chocolate men, Elmorris will make your day for sure," says photographer James C. Lewis of Dukes, who actually made our week when he was featured in Eye Candy.

12 of 28 Don Elmore Photography

“What I love about modeling is that I get to travel the country, and hopefully soon the world, just being me and smiling in front of a camera,” admits Wells. We love to see him in front of the camera too.

13 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

Actor, model, and former military man ‘G.I. Joe’ is yet another model who makes it look so easy. Joe was featured in this year's Unforgettable Faces gallery featuring the work of photographer James C. Lewis. See more here.

14 of 28 Isabel Shaw of Only Love Remains Photography

When we met hunky dentist Curtis Fitzgerald Pressley we were instantly smitten' with his impressive physique and various accolades. See more here.

15 of 28 Joel Parés Photography

Kentucky-bred physical trainer Vonteris Wells took our breath away. He’s a well-traveled military man who appreciates a woman’s sense of humor. See his sexy gallery here.

16 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“At first glance, one would think ‘young Tyson Beckford look alike’ when they see Keith," says photographer James C. Lewis. We loved his look. See more here!

17 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

Atlanta-based model Greg Ross also appeared in our Unforgettable Faces gallery featuring the work of photographer James C. Lewis. Those lips...sigh! See more here.

18 of 28 James Lewis Photography

Military officer and fitness personality Allen Elliott is a southern gentleman who really knows how to make the ladies sweat. He loves a woman who respects herself and can be sexy and confident. Click through his gallery now!

19 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

If there is such a thing as masculine beauty, photographer James C. Lewis says Donald James would fit into that category perfectly. His hazel eyes and smooth skin had us mesmerized. See more here.

20 of 28 Courtesy of Nelson Walker

Actor and model Nelson Walker told us he's looking forward to fatherhood one day and he loves an intelligent woman. Get to know him better here.

21 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

Eric Graham is a 46-year-old mixed martial artist and personal trainer who is proof that Black don't crack. See more here.

22 of 28 David Zaugh Photography

Actor Brooklyn McLinn is the perfect catch: He loves his momma, believes in giving back and looks great no matter what he’s doing. What more could a girl ask for? See his gallery here.

23 of 28 PJ Russ Photography

Thirty-year old cutie Williams resides in Marina Del Rey, California, where he works as an account manager for a general contractor by day and spends his spare time modeling. “I get asked all the time,” he says. “So, for my thirtieth birthday I decided to go out and take some pictures and see what happens.” We're so glad that he did. See more of his gallery here.

24 of 28 Natalie Young Photography

Professional dancer and singer-songwriter Alvester knows how to bring the heat. When he’s not putting fans in a trance with his sexy dance moves, he’s making love to the mic in his signature “rock and blues” sound. See his gallery here.

25 of 28 Natalie Young Photography

NFLer turned model Curtis Hamilton was discovered while walking down the street, and when you see these steamy photos, it's not hard to tell why. Say hello here.

26 of 28 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

This 6'3” former NFL player (Atlanta Falcons) turned model and actor made us swoon. He also appeared in our Unforgettable Faces gallery featuring the work of photographer James C. Lewis. See more here.

27 of 28 James C. Lewis of Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“I’m inspired to do what I do because I enjoy helping people reach their health goals,” admits Wolfe, who had no problem showing off his perfect physique for us.

28 of 28 Natalie Young Photography

Southern-born actor Ulrich Que has more than enough charm, talent and good looks to go around. You can see the hunky thespian's gallery here, but before you go, tell us which cutie was your favorite below.