Eye Candy: Sexiest Men of 2011

Eye Candy: Sexiest Men of 2011
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 11, 2011

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The actor stole our hearts years ago and he’s had a hold on us ever since. The gorgeous and talented Idris Elba can do no wrong. Admit it ladies, you’ll always love him.

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Year after year, women all over continue to profess their undying love for this man. The “Criminal Minds” star (who’s almost always shirtless) has us all hypnotized.

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The beautiful Boris Kodjoe is still our “Brown Sugar” baby. All year long he kept his female fans happy on Twitter with weekly Twitpic self-portraits well worth a retweet.

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We’ll never stop loving that winning smile. Will remains on top of his game.

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R&B’s leading man had quite a year. Whether he was rocking the stage or embracing his role as a doting dad, you stayed glued to his every move.

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He’s conscious. He’s gorgeous. He’s talented, and he adores and respects the sisters. What’s not to love about Common?

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It’s too bad he doesn’t like being called “The Roc” anymore, because this leading man is a solid hunk. Just lovely!

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At 40, forever sexy and always smooth model Tyson Beckford only gets better with age.

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The King of the South reigns supreme, keeping it classy and cool all year-long, even when his personal struggles were top targets in the news headlines.

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When Laz met the lovely Paula Patton at the altar in “Jumping the Broom” every lady in the theater wished they could be her stand-in. Admit it, you were one of ’em!

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NFL heartthrob Ray Edwards has one of the best bodies in the league, and he has zero problems showing off his best assets. Oh, Ray!

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The outspoken star wooed us on the radio and the big screen this year. Who can resist that smile?

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It’s not just the neighbor’s that know this crooning cutie pie’s name. With looks like these and loads of talent to boot, we’ve all taken notice to Trey.

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The Spice Man was spotted shirtless and more buff than ever before on the beach this summer and a nationwide drool-fest began.

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Every lady on the planet loves them some Maxwell — case closed.

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When Tank took the stage at this year’s ESSENCE Music Festival, it was a real “Emergency” — all the ladies nearly lost their minds.

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Leading man Lance Gross proved he could headline a film and our hearts and we’ve been watching his every move this year.

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No one knew just how lucky Mariah was until her hubby Nick Cannon went and removed his shirt, leaving women all over the world speechless with delight.

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Whether playing an alien (“V”) or a no-nonsense cop (“American Horror Story”), Morris Chestnut always brings his debonair A-game.

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Mr. Wade woos on and off the court with those sexy lips and rock hard abs of his. It’s no surprise he’s the star player for the Heat.

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Move over guys, there’s a new Dr. McSteamy in the house. “Grey’s Anatomy” hunk Jesse Williams has found his groove on the hit show and we’re loving all the screen-time he has landed. More, please!

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Knicks hunk Amar’e Stoudmemire doesn’t put out fires, he starts them — making him one of New York’s finest!

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Let’s face it, swagger is sexy, and Kanye’s dripping swagoo.

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“The Game”‘s return to TV this year broke records, and our guess is star Pooch Hall’s effortless sex appeal and charm had a thing or two to do with it.

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“House” star Omar Epps has us tuning in to prime time on Monday nights with his hit show and endless swag. Paging Dr. Gorgeous!

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Married man and loving dad Djimon Hounsou dazzles every time he hits the red carpet. Can this man ever take a bad photo? We think not!

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NFL newcomer Cam Newton was this year’s breakout star in the league and our newest crush.

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Tall and handsome hoop star Lebron James is one of the many reasons we’re so glad the NBA has finally returned.

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He’s not a celebrity, just yet, but you sure welcomed him as one. When we introduced you to up and coming model Sterling A., you were instantly smitten with his southern charm, sexy body and impressive resume. Since you couldn’t get enough Sterling, we thought we’d bring him back one more time.

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New York Knicks guard Melo makes the ladies smile whenever he flashes that lovely one of his.

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Now all grown-up, there’s nothing “Lil” Romeo, who showed off his grown and sexy acting chops in the smash hit romantic comedy “Jumping the Broom.”

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Blue-eyed soul singer Robin Thicke sang his way to our hearts years ago and this year he brought us more of the sultry, sexy, slow jams we love! Thank you, Robin!