Eye Candy: Reginald Doucet, Jr.

Eye Candy: Reginald Doucet, Jr.
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 12, 2010

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Sigh… Former footballer, model and personal trainer Reginald Doucet, Jr. stole our hearts this morning.

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Reggie grew up in Monterey County in Northern Cali. But he was drawn to the perpetual bright sky and club life down South. So he headed to L.A. to play college football for a stint before heading east to play for Middle Tennessee State.

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After spending some time in Tennessee, Florida and D.C. Reggie was ready to get back to the glamorous life of Los Angeles. He packed his bags and headed west a few weeks ago. Magically tickets to LAX are on the rise.

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“I enjoy the club life,” Reggie says of what’s fun about Los Angeles. You can find him posted up near the bar at Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood.

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Partying it up isn’t all that’s on Reggie’s mind now that he’s back in LA. He’s prepping to build a training facility for athletes, to show them how they can be as sexy as he is.

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“I keep Chapstick on me at all times,” Reginald jokes. “My lips are kind of big so I gotta stay moisturized all the time.”

Big and beautiful baby. We can think of a few ways to keep those smackers “moisturized.”

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Ok. We just got a little dizzy. Reginald confesses that ladies say they like his abs. We can think of a few other things on this brother’s hot body that the ladies like.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, tall or short. What Reggie really likes is a self-assured woman. “I just love a woman that is confident. Knowing your worth is beautiful to me.”

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“If you’ve got ugly feet, put some socks on it baby,” Reggie, who appreciates a good pedicure, laughs.

This perfect ten says he’ll also fold if a woman smokes or her smile is jacked.

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Reggie admits to having some faults of his own. “I’m always on the phone and sometimes girls say I’m very hard to figure out.”

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A go-getter will definitely win this Gemini over. “I do like aggressive women,” he admits. “If you know what you want, you should go get it.”

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“My mom set the bar really high,” Reginald says of what it would take for a woman to steal his heart forever. “I want a chick that can go run a business meeting and come home and cook and can hang out with the boys.”

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“I’m very spontaneous,” Reggie confesses. “I just need somebody to keep me on my toes.”

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OK. Chest is pounding now. You may need to step away from the screen before you pour your coffee in your lap. It’s too hot in here. What’s…happening…to…me?