Eye Candy: Multi-Culti Crushes. Pt. 2

EYE Candy: Multi-Cultis
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 11, 2011

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With Justin Timberlake, one of our all time favorite multi-culti cuties, back on the market, we’re taking a moment to taste the rainbow this morning.

First up — Alex Rodriguez. With A-Rod always stepping up to bat, we’d really like to keep his bench warm.

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Ryan Gosling mastered the emotional face-grabbing kiss in “The Notebook.” He’s been one of our favorite lady-porn stars ever since.

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Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal has us looking up flights to Mumbai this very moment. Are there any openings for extras in your next film?

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You already know that Robin Thicke likes his ladies curvy. We love to lay back and listen to him serenade us with sweet, sultry voice.

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Olivier swept us away as the sexy foreigner who stole Diane Lane’s heart in “Unfaithful.” We can only imagine the steamy nights Halle is having with him.

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Yes, Fox’s hit show “Glee” is genius, and part of that genius was bringing in eye candy like Mark Salling to draw women to their TV sets every Tuesday night.

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Puerto Rican-Cuban “CSI: Miami” actor Adam Rodriguez has been on our radar for a minute. That strong jaw and those soft eyes keep us tossing and turning at night.

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Johnny Depp appeals to our eccentric, inner child. It’s clear from his free-sprited style and the movies that he chooses to star in that he never grew up and we love him for it. Take us to Neverland, Johnny.

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The Jets may not have gone all the way this past season, but we don’t care. We would cheer for this kissable quarterback even in a losing streak.

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Mario’s had those bulging pecs since he was A.C. Slater on “Saved By the Bell,” but it’s those dimples that we’ve always been in love with. The man seems incapable of aging.

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Josh may play a villain in the Oscar-nominated Cohen brothers film “True Grit,” but he’ll always be a hero in our eyes.

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Portuguese soccer star Christiano Ronaldo is six feet and one inch of perfection. We’re pretty sure he brings all the girls to the field in Madrid, Spain, where he normally plays ball.

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Every time we see “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello, he gets scruffier and sexier simultaneously. We don’t know how he does it, but keep doing what you do, baby.

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Zaheer has been a part of India’s cricket team for more than ten years. We’ve never played before — maybe we can schedule a lesson.

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We’d like to play Operator with this “Grey’s Anatomy” doctor.

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Have you seen Hugh’s chest, arms, shoulders and abs? If not, you’re totally missing out.

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Those big, emotional eyes make us melt. No one makes melancholy look sexier than this Spanish actor.

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The versatile “127 Hours” actor’s sexy, mischievous smile always keeps us guessing.

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The “Motorcycle Diaries” brought women to the movie theater in droves. It wasn’t just to watch Che Guevera’s touching life story. It was more about feeling touched by Gael Garcia Bernal’s gorgeous eyes and delicious lips.

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George Clooney’s sexy salt and pepper hair and debonaire smile keeps getting better with each year.

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That jaw, that jet black hair, that smile, those arms. Never make it stop, Benjamin, never make it stop.

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Another “Grey’s Anatomy” hunk. That show’s casting director really knows how to pick ’em.

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We’ve searched, prodded and questioned. Ultimately we found that there is nothing wrong with this man.

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Bradley will forever be known as the hot one from “The Hangover.”

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Hey, Victoria, how does Beckham bend it? Just wondering…

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The Puerto Rican actor’s sexy stare, chiseled jaw and broad shoulders make us wish we could be his leading lady.

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We’ve been crushing on Justin since his days as the front man for N’Sync. Now that he’s streamlined his look, snagged a few Grammys and proved his acting chops, we’re completely smitten. Hey JT, we hear you’re single now. Take down our number.