Eye Candy: Model Kenneth Guidroz Puts Us In A Trance

When we first laid eyes on sultry model Kenneth Guidroz we had to stop and catch our breath. Look at these steamy photos if you dare. Warning: Fainting may follow! (Is there a doctor in the house!)

Charli Penn Jun, 03, 2013

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Twenty-eight-year-old model Kenneth Guidroz is oh-so-easy on the eyes. He hails from New Orleans, but currently resides in New York City. “I love the hustle,” he admits. “I love how fast it is. I just love being busy and knowing I’m on the right path to my dreams.”

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"Growing up in the small town of Port Sulphur, Louisiana was comfortable," says Guidroz. "It’s quiet. I’m a big outdoorsman and Port Sulphur has many outdoor activities to enjoy. I played football all my life and it’s a big football community. What I love most about my childhood was that it was so free. Unlike major cities, there was room to run around. There is tons of space to be a kid. There is grass. Loved to run around barefoot with my friends."

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"I posted some amateur pictures of myself to a site called Model Mayhem and this guy who owns a magazine in Dallas saw them and gave me some advice and tips on how I could possibly become the model I was searching to be," Guidroz recalls. "I took his advice, and here I am a year later. I’m living in NY signed to one of the best agencies there is. Hard work pays off!"

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"I love what I do," says Guidroz. "That’s why it’s not a job for me. I love to be in the spotlight and still remain the humble guy that I am."

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When it came time to write a caption for this sexy shot, we wound up totally speechless. How would you caption in? Tell us below why we try to regain our composure.

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There's something about Guidroz's steamy stare that leaves us instantly wanting more (and more!) Careful, ladies. You can get lost in those eyes!

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"My mom, dad and son are what keep me going," Guidroz admits. "They are the fuel for my fire."

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"I can’t tell you my gym secret, otherwise they would not be secrets anymore," teases Guidroz. "But I do go to the gym Monday thru Friday and eat extremely healthy."

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Some of Guidroz favorite pastime are hanging out with the fellas and cooking. (Yes, ladies, he cooks too!) "It’s my way of letting everything that’s going on in my life just disappear," he says.

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Guidroz's sexy smiry instantly makes us smile. This brother really knows how to make the cameras (and the ladies!) love him. Is there a fan club president position opening up anytime soon?

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"I played high school football," says Guidroz. "I had such an amazing coach and so many talented players around me. We had so much fun winning games. And my coach taught me a lot of the discipline I carry with me today."

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Even in all white, Guidroz is red-hot! My, my, my, my, my...

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Now ladies, this is what we like to call a work of art and man-candy at it's finest. It's so refreshing to see a brother that's this fine and this focused. We think we might be in love.

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For the perfect date with Guidroz, you might want to take him someplace quiet. "I don’t like crowds of people," he admits. "I don’t go to clubs, but I love to mingle in social places."

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"I'm focused on my dreams and giving my son the world," says Guidroz. "Everything else is secondary right now."

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Yup, this one might just be our favorite so far. Which is yours?

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