Eye Candy: Meet the Most Eligible Bachelors of 2012

Who says a good brother is hard to find? Ladies, these 15 fellas are single, sexy and looking for real love. Say hello to 2012's most eligible hunks! To find out how to contact your favorite, pick up the November issue of ESSENCE, on stands now. #essencebachelors

1 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Computer Scientist
Age: 29 Hometown: New York City

His passion: “Working with computers has taught me there are many ways to get to your desired outcome. I’ve always loved putting things together with my hands and also love football, and have played professionally. Now I’ve merged my sports and programming skills by inventing the fitness program, Body by Dwayne.”

His type of woman: “I love to dance so I need a lady that can move, from hip-hop to a Latin jam. Also a woman who picks an action movie over ‘The Notebook.’ ”

Why he’s ready for love: “Finding the right woman makes you want to become better.”

2 of 15 Hosea Johnson

The Urban Cowboy
Age: 33 Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD

His Type of Woman: “A sweet, caring person that is business minded, classy and commands respect. She also knows the power that faith in God brings.”

His passion: “I’m happiest when I am helping someone else or with loved ones. I retired from the NFL this year after playing for nine years and now I am on my private horse farm almost every day with my dad. I love animals.”

What you’d be surprised to know about men: “Some men have wronged women and they can start to think all men are like that. We’re not. There is someone out there for everyone.”

3 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Restaurateur
Age: 29 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

His passion: “I like starting something from scratch. I opened my own restaurant a year ago, and it is my baby along with my dog, Zena. Along with cooking and creating menus, I also designed the entire space and made all the tables and chairs.”

Why he’s ready for love: “I’m looking forward to traveling with my fianceé. I was in Turkey and realized it would be nice to have that someone special. I'm ready to retire being the third wheel with my married friends.”

What he’s looking for: “Someone who is driven. You have a place you want to go even if you aren’t there yet. I want to walk with you. I don't have time for casual dating, so I’m taking it seriously.”

4 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Style Star
Age: 34 Hometown: New York City

His passion: “I’ve been working in fashion and luxury retail for over ten years traveling between New York and Paris. I started at Louis Vuitton and am now a men’s manager at Prada. It started in elementary when I would buy neon shoe strings for a quarter at the grocery store to make my Asics look new and different.”

His words to live by: “Do one thing every day that scares you. As long as you have confidence things will work out in the end for you.”

What women would be surprised to know about men: “The misconception is men don’t want to be married. Most of us do and just want to with the right person. That takes times to discover. I’m looking for a confidante and best friend.

5 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

Class Act
Age: 35 Hometown: Harlem, NY

His passion: “I’ve been an educator for 11 years and now teach science to elementary students. It’s taught me patience and to deal with different personalities. ”

What he enjoys: “I'm definitely in fitness. I train.  I do some body building competitions and I like to stay in shape. It feels good. I do fitness modeling when I can. I love music.  I love culture.”

6 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Renaissance Man
Age: 36 Hometown: Harlem, NY

His passion: “A few years after college, I was working in sales and my mother passed away. Her death inspired me to chase my dream of acting. I was recently featured in our hometown newspaper that I use to deliver. She would be so proud.”

What he loves most about Black women: “Nobody takes care of you like a Black woman will. You all do everything with love and make a brother look good.“

7 of 15 Hosea Johnson

The Southern Gentleman
Age: 39 Hometown: Dallas, TX

His passion: “I'm a pharmaceutical salesman, improving the health of people's lives by day. I’ve also had my own integrated marketing company for the last 12 year, where we host concerts and fundraisers.”

The words he lives by: “My mother has always told me in order for a relationship to truly work and to flourish, you have to be vulnerable to all the possibilities. Most men want to be in a fully committed relationship. When the right woman crosses my path, I will jump feet first down the aisle.“

8 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Poet
Age: 33 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

His passion: “I started writing when I was 16. A young black male writing poetry wasn’t the most popular thing, but it was a way to tell my story. Now through my foundation, the Philly Youth Poetry Movement, I get to help other young people do the same.”

Why he’s looking for love: “The consistency. The commitment. The trust. When you're single, it's hard to get trust from both ends. “

9 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Educator
Age: 24 Hometown: New York City

His passion: “I am dedicated to helping black and brown children excel in the classroom and recently completed my master’s in education at Georgetown. Young Black men learn differently and love working with their hands.”

His Guilty Pleasure:  “Gambling. I’m a math teacher and love how numbers influence each other. I once sat at a Black Jack table for 92 hours straight.”

You’d be surprised to know: “I’m passionate about music and a trained piano and violin player.”

10 of 15 Hosea Johnson

Ph. D Student
Age: 32 Hometown: Dallas, TX

What keeps him motivated: “My biggest passion is working with youth. After teaching at a high school, I realized the work to be done. Now I am getting my doctorate in educational leadership and also teaching at the college level. I look forward to starting a non-profit in the future.”

How to catch his attention: “I like a go-getter, so if a woman approached me first and showed interest, that’s a huge turn-on.”

What women would be surprised to know about men: “Men are not as complicated creatures as you think we are. The simple things that make me happy are going to church, going to the gym, being able to give back to my community and hopefully just spending quality time with that special person.”

11 of 15 Hosea Johnson

The Self-Made Millionaire
Age: 39 Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD

His passion: “Surpassing the million dollar sales level has been amazing in my career. Still nothing compares helping families through Fertile Ground, the non-profit I started with my best friend.”

His ideal woman: “She’s sharp, intelligent, obviously beautiful and knows where she's going. She would also be family-oriented and God-fearing.”

12 of 15 Hosea Johnson

The Builder and Proud Father
Age: 37 Hometown: New Orleans

His passion: “I’m a civil engineer. After Hurricane Katrina I rebuilt about 40 homes of friends and family. It was amazing to give them the keys for them to move home. Now, I am a project manager on the $14 billion rebuilding of the levees and helping protect my city for the future.”

What he’s looking for: “I like an intelligent, career-minded Black women who can walk in a room without saying anything and command attention. I also like a woman to be nurturing because I’m a family guy.”

Why he’s ready to build a relationship: “I come from a two parent home and I see the importance of that for my son and future children. Having somebody who will listen to you is awesome.”

13 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

The Computer Engineer
Age: 34 Hometown: Washington, D.C.

His passion: “I love to see the world and experience different cultures. This year I’ve been to Peru, Madrid, Costa Rica and Africa. Luckily, I get to travel a lot as a consultant for the government providing technology training.

His type of woman: “Beauty fades but a sharp mind doesn’t.  I like a woman that's family-oriented.”
What you’d be surprised to know: “I’m old school but I also like adventure. When I lived in California working at Apple, I rode a motorcycle.”

14 of 15 Jamie Magnifico


Age: 44 Hometown: Montclair, NJ

His biggest accomplishment: “I’m from St. Croix and pitched Tempo Network to MTV, while an executive at the company. They launched it and I acquired ownership of the Caribbean network.”

What catches his eye: “I like natural beauty and not a lot of makeup.  A woman that is having a good time but not backin’ it up on everybody. That’s my style.”

Why he’s ready for love:  “My company began on February 14th so work has been my valentine for seven years. Now that things are stable, I am ready to build a relationship.” Watch Frederick (and a few of the other bachelors) behind the scenes during the ESSENCE shoot here.

15 of 15 Jamie Magnifico

Age: 24 Hometown: Washington, D.C.

His passion: “I work about seven days a week, but it’s doing what I love. I’m preparing to launch my clothing line and also co-producing the movie ‘The Butler’ starring Oprah Winfrey. My parents (BET founders Robert L. Johnson and Sheila Johnson) taught me you have to believe in yourself and your vision, then others will follow. “

His dream date: “Going to Bali or to the Maldives and just have nothing out there, except the two of us. “

How he stays grounded: “It really doesn't matter how much money you have; it can all be gone tomorrow. The only thing you have is your family and friends. I just feel like I'm a normal guy.  There's nothing to it.  To me everybody is the same.  We're all people."