Eye Candy: Meet Engineer and Model Christopher Ibezim

Engineer Christopher Ibezim hails from Lagos, Nigeria but currently calls Dallas home. He admits to being humble, caring and “a little goofy” and he adores an intelligent woman. Ladies, do you want to know more?

Charli Penn Sep, 21, 2015

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“I love being close to my family. Family is the most important thing to me,” Ibezim, 32, tells us.

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“I feel that a woman’s personality is her sexiest quality,” says Ibezim. “A horrible personality can make a woman with curves in all the right places, pretty face, nice skin, etc., very ugly. Whatever you have on the inside will come through to the outside.”

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“My favorite pastime is football,” says Ibezim. “Most of my free time is spent playing flag football. It’s one thing to watch the game, but it’s another to actually play. I enjoy the rush and pumping of adrenaline.”

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Ibezim says his secrets to a great physique are consistency and education.

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“I'm very intrigued by a very intellectual woman,” says Ibezim. “She has to be self-driven and very passionate. She has to have a warm and kind spirit, and most of all love God.” 

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“I love to see a woman smile,” says Ibezim. “I feel like my charm and great jokes will keep her laughing and being myself will wow her.”

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“I love God and my family,” Ibezim shares. “I love very hard and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make my mate happy. As I said, I’m not a great cook, but I will pour my lady a glass of wine afterwards and rub her feet.”

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“In today’s world, social media makes it easy to compare your life to others,” says Ibezim. “It’s easy see what other people want you to see, and then you look around and see all the things that you do not. Once people stop thinking about what they don’t have and be grateful for what they do have, they will find themselves in a much better place.”

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This cutie likes to set an example for others and keep them motivated. “I like to motivate others to achieve their goals and support them even afterwards. I like to stay positive,” says Ibezim. “Just by speaking kind words to someone or making them smile can go a long way too.”

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And, did we mention this hunk is a hero too? “The oil and gas industry is very dangerous,” says Ibezim. “While working on location, I saved a coworker from falling out of an aerial lift. I was able to hang on to him and calm him down enough to pull in back into the lift.” 

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