Eye Candy: Laz Alonso Heats Up Primetime

Sultry actor Laz Alonso is all set to steam up your screens with the premiere of his new drama Deception. Let’s celebrate with a look back at some of his sexiest moments. Ladies, prepare to drool!

Charli Penn Jan, 07, 2013

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With his new drama, Deception, premiering tonight on NBC, gorgeous leading man Laz Alonso will bring his smooth acting and gorgeous grin to primetime again, and we couldn’t be more excited to tune in.

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Alonso makes us swoon by expertly playing an everyday guy with the kind of charisma and charm we don’t see every day.

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Let’s take a moment to admire Alonso’s perfectly full lips, gorgeous cafe-con-leche complexion and those sultry dark eyes.

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Afro-Cuban cutie Alonso is no stranger to the small screen. The 38-year-old hunk played one of the lead characters on season one of the TV series Breakout Kings and has guest starred on popular shows like CSI: Miami, The Practice, NCIS, and Bones.

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The Howard University grad, who grew up in a single-parent home in Washington, D.C., credits his mom for teaching him he could do whatever he wanted. He often says she made him feel invincible.

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Alonso has worked all over Hollywood. If you're a real R&B fan, you'll recall his sexy cameo in Toni Braxton's "Hit the Freeway" video. Sigh...we loved him even then.

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On Deception, Alonso plays ambitious, no-nonsense federal agent Will Moreno, who convinces co-star Meagan Good’s character, Joanna, to go undercover and pose as a friend of a rich, corrupt family.

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Alonso has lent his smooth moves to many big screen characters. We love his star turns in films like Jumping the Broom, Straw Dogs, and Avatar.

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Ladies, Alonso can woo you in more ways than one. The Afro-Cuban cutie is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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Did you know Alonso won an Emmy Award for his participation in Budweiser's "Wassup" commercials?

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Ladies, if you haven't discovered it by now, you should know, Alonso is on Instagram. If you follow him, you'll be treated to occasional goodies like this steamy, self-portrait. It's almost too hot to handle.

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Whether dressed up or dressed down, swag master Alonso doesn’t miss a chance to show off his savvy sense of style.

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Alonso is never short on smooth moves, as proven by this slick portrait he recently shared on Instagram. Excuse us while we swoon....sigh...whatta man!

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When it comes to entrancing stares, there are few others in Hollywood more mesmerizing than Alonso's. The debonair darling was once an investment banker before deciding to pursue his true dream of becoming a successful actor.

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Alonso plays it cool on the set of Deception.

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Having a winning smile is a prerequisite for all of Hollywood's leading men, and Alonso's shines the brightest. When he flashes those pearly whites, our minds go blank and all we see are stars.

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Last we checked, Alonso is still a single man, ladies. He’s told us before he’s a huge fan of relationships, so could you be the one to help him change his relationship status?

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Alonso may be a humble guy, but one glimpse at his sculpted arms makes it clear that he puts in work at the gym to ensure his body remains brag-worthy.

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Are you one of Alonso's biggest fans? Tell us what you like most about him below!