Eye Candy: Antone Murray

Eye Candy: Antone Murray
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 18, 2009

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Ladies wake up to this cute cup of java, Antone “Tony” Murray, a 23-year-old Black, Syrian, Caucasian and Mexican model, living la vida loca in LA. Get to know this self-professed sweetheart with a sweet bod.

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Tony got his laid back attitude from Long Beach, California, where he was born and his Southern Hospitality from South Carolina where he moved to for High School. Ultimately, he couldn’t wait to return to the sand, sun and hustle of LA and headed Back to Cali a few years ago.

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Tony says his favorite characteristic is his heart, but he’s learned not to be too sweet.
“I get in trouble sometimes for my kind heart. I’m a Libra and I like to go out of my way to make sure other people are happy.”

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Antone wants his lady to be “a soldier” with a “strong mind”. “She has to be everything you need—your backbone,” the loving Libra says. “She also needs to be someone that’s able to express her opinions and her views.”

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You’ve got to have passion to land this 5’9" dime piece. Tony’s biggest turn off is a girl without ambition. He also doesn’t like “a girl with a negative attitude or a girl that doesn’t have self confidence.”

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It’s no surprise that someone’s already snatched up this young cutie. Tony’s been with the same girl for three years and he says she “inspires” him.
“She’s a go-getter. When she says she’s going to do something, she does it and she doesn’t wait for anybody. I really dig that in a lady. And she’s very smart.”

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Tony admits to being a perfectionist when it comes to his looks. “I’m always trying to improve myself,” he confesses.

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Staying in shape is very important to this young fitness buff who’s planning on taking up boxing.

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Although he cleans up well for pictures, Antone likes to keep it gully in his every-day.
“I do have a happy trail, but I shave it for photo shoots. I try to look grimey because people always call me a pretty boy.”

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Unfortunately it’s time for this Long Beach lover to roll on. We hope you enjoyed our Monday morning multicultural masterpiece.