Eye Candy: Actor Ulrich Que Has Our Heart

Southern-born actor Ulrich Que has more than enough charm, talent and good looks to go around. That’s why we’re sharing him with you today. Get to know the hunky thespian now.

Charli Penn Apr, 29, 2013

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Ulrich Que grew up in a small town with a population of 12,000 people known as La Marque, TX. “The town was very safe and a beautiful place to raise a family,” he recalls. “When I was little, I enjoyed about my childhood was playing little league sports. I was an All-American in basketball and baseball.”

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Que attended Huston-Tillotson University for his undergraduate degree and pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. while there. After Huston-Tillotson, he enrolled in an MFA program in Film Production at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where he really began to hone his craft.

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After college, Que moved to Austin, TX and his career took off. He showed up to an audition for a popular local soap opera called Shades Of Life and beat out over 200 other aspiring young actors for the part of charismatic lawyer Marshall Townsend.

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These days, Southern charmer Que resides in Los Angeles with all the other sexy stars, but he hasn’t left his Southern-roots behind. He can throw down in the kitchen ladies! “I’m from the south, so coking is in my soul,” he tells us. “My favorite meals are beef pot roast with spicy sweet potatoes and carrots and turkey meatloaf.”

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For his work on Shades of Life, Que received an award for Best Actor in a Television Series.

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“I love what I’m doing because I wasn’t afraid to do what most people are afraid of doing – taking a risk,” says Que. “Fortunately the risk has paid off and I have made my dream a reality.”

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“Before my father passed, I promised him that I would become a successful actor and use my talents to inspire and help other new actors fulfill their destiny,’ Que shares. It’s what keeps him going.

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“I have the best personal trainer,” Que reveals when we asked how he stays fit. “I train intensively four days a week. My workout secrets are simple: consistency, discipline and patience.”

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“My idea of the perfect date is to take a woman to the finest restaurant in town, going to see a blockbuster film and then heading off the Santa Monica Pier,” says Que. “Once there we’d sit on the beach and watch the sun set.”

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“I’m looking for love in all the right places,” admits Que, whose present Facebook status is single. “At this point in my life, I’m ready to settle down. I believe patience and establishing friendship are he best ways to establish a healthy and stable relationship.”

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Que has plenty of hobbies to keep him busy when he’s not showing off his acting chops for the cameras. In addition to weight training, he enjoys playing basketball, intensive aerobics and reading.

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These days, Ulrich has created a unique reality-doc style talk show called The Real Reality, which “penetrates into the American pop-cultural consciousness.”

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Que tells us his best friends are his mother and brother: “They know me best and will never leave my side.”

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Que is a big fan of jazz, rap and R&B music. “My favorite albums are movie soundtracks,” he admits. “They enable me to create scenes which develop into screenplays.”

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Que appreciates a woman who is smart, educated, spiritual, family-oriented and knows her way around a kitchen. “A woman’s independence is her sexiest quality,” he says.

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