Eye Candy: 24 Reasons Omari Hardwick Drives Us Crazy

Now that Power has returned for season two, wanting more from Hollywood heartthrob Omari Hardwick is the only thing on our mind.

Charli Penn Jun, 08, 2015

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We pause for a moment to break down the many reasons it's so easy to love Power's leading man, Omari Hardwick.

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When the cameras turn on, so does Mr. Hardwick. Whether he was getting into character or posing for a steamy magazine spread, the hunky thespian never disappointed his fans.

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In a recent interview, Hardwick confessed to us that he prefers a woman in sneakers over one in heels because she should be comfortable first and foremost. Someone applaud this man!

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If Hardwick wasn't acting he could definitely consider modeling as a new career. The man's a professional poser.

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Hardwick is quickly becoming a boss in the industry, with two high profile acting roles (Power and Being Mary Jane) that have both made us stop and stare. Hey, gorgeous, we see you boo!

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“[Celebrities] are normal!” Hardwick recently told ESSENCE.com in an interview. “We use the bathroom just like you. We get scared of the boogey man under the bed just like you. [Being recognized in public] is a transition for me and I really try to embrace it.”

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Walk this way, cutie. Walk this way!

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In addition to his starring role on Starz’ hit drama Power, where he plays conflicted drug kingpin Ghost, Hardwick boasts a number of other impressive past roles — movies For Colored Girls, Sparkle and Middle Of Nowhere, plus TV drama Being Mary Jane to name a few.

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From those lovely lashes to that perfect pucker, Mr. Hardwick knows how to woo the cameras when they're up close and personal.

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There's nothing like a man who has a smile that makes you smile right on back. Omari has mastered flashing his.

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When it comes to fashion, Hardwick isn't afraid to express himself in his choices and he pulls them off lovely every single time.

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Omari Hardwick plus a tailored suit equals eye candy perfection, ladies. Take notes on that math! (Wink!)

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If tattoos do it for you, Mr. Hardwick hosts an upper body full of them. Shown here in his role as Ghost on Power, it was clear fans were going to love the show the minute they realized he was starring in it.

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When Hardwick brought his star power to Starz success was inevitable. (Pun intended.) Power being picked up for a second season was a total no brainer!

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Admit it. Hardwick's intensity on screen just draws you right in. In Power he plays a bad guy so well, you immediately find yourself rooting for him.

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Hardwick sure knows his angles. The shirtless mirror shot popped up in not one, but two of his onscreen character roles this year. And, each time he left fans breathless and wanting more.

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On BET's Being Mary Jane, Hardwick plays Andre Daniels, Mary Jane's (Gabrielle Union) hot and married lover. Every single scene with him in it last season was certainly one to remember.

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“Women are amazing lovers,” Hardwick told ESSENCE.com. “We [men] suck at that.”

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Photos this lovely shouldn't need a caption. Enough said.

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Hardwick once told ESSENCE.com that a man know he's in love when a woman is unpredictable and throws him off his game.

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They're pucker-perfect, and you know it. Hardwick is as gorgeous as he is talented. Cheers to that!

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Hardwick's down-to-earth vibes and professionalism continue to make him very well-liked in Hollywood and in our hearts.

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Honor and pride are great qualities in any man worthy of a woman's love. When fans found out Hardwick was married to a woman who wasn't Black they immediately began attacking her looks and his character. Like a true man of class, he posted a response on Twitter defending his woman's honor and urging others to let go of the hate and stay positive.

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“A powerful person is equally cool with their flaws and things that aren’t powerful about them at all,” said Hardwick in a recent ESSENCE.com interview.

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A true sign of a great guy is one who always shows up to support dear friends even when he's juggling a super-busy Hollywood schedule. Hardwick is that guy. (Shown here with good friend Estelle.)