Exclusive: Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki

Exclusive: Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 06, 2010

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Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki at their engagement dinner at Delta’s Soulfood restaurant in New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 3.

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Nia was her mother Majeeda’s only child. “Oh, goodness they were very close and her mother is a great woman too,” explains Ty.

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The lovely duo share a kiss.

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The happy couple share a playful moment together.

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A cheesing Nia gives two thumbs up.
“That is just her personality,” says her best friend Ty.

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Michael enjoys a photo with his close friend Darvin at his engagement dinner on Saturday, April 3 2010.

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“They traveled all the time. That is what they loved to do,” says Nia’s friend.

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These beautiful ladies grew up together. Left Tyra, middle Shakira and Nia. “They were inseparable,” says a friend of the trio.

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Here at Nia’s engagement party she shares a special moment with her uncle, Hussain Haqq. “He was a very important person to her,” says one of Nia’s bridesmaid for her wedding.

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“They were just a really good couple. I mean, they are America’s young Black couple,” says Nia’s friend.

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Again, Reaves stresses how close Nia, Tyra and Shakira were. “They were like three peas in a pod,” she says laughing.

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A glowing Nia is all smiles with Michael. “He was the type of guy that would drive miles for anyone to help them with a flat tire,” says Ty.

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“That’s Kenny… That’s one of Mike’s best friends. They were always together,” says Ty.

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“We were at a cookout that her boyfriend’s chapter has every year,” shares Ty.

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“I would ask Nia to take a picture of me and she would take a picture of herself and anyone else close to her first,” Ty laughs.

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“She was always the life of the party,” says her friend.

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“Mike was really into doing Chuck Norris jokes. He would always be on Twitter making people laugh with Chuck Norris jokes.” says Ty.

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he had…he was really into doing chuck norris jokes. chucck norris…count to infinity twice…he would always be on twitter making ppl laugh with cn jokes.

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We were in New York in this picture. We had a good time.

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Nia and her friend. She went

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college friends

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Andrea, and Ashley she was going to be in the wedding.


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