#EssenceEats: The Food Shops at ESSENCE Fest Will Leave Your Mouth Watering!

This year's ESSENCE Festival is offering the best in music, entertainment and food. Here's a list of some of the food vendors who will be on hand at our 20th anniversary celebration.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 25, 2014

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How does tequila lime and lemon grass shrimp sound? Sounds great, right? If you want to try tasty shrimp dishes and much more, stop by the New Orleans ShrimpHouse when you're at the ESSENCE Festival.

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If you want something fresh, crunchy, rich, healthy or even something to temper that sweet tooth, than Savoie Catering is for you!

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If seafood isn't your thing, then Verns Bar-B-Que Catering will offer all ESSENCE Festival attendees the most succulant BBQ ribs down in the Big Easy.

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Cajun Seafood is a one-stop shop. If you want Po Boys, seafood platters or fried rice and gumbo, this spot will give you everything your stomach desires.

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For those who may need a little something sweet, Loretta's Authentic Pralines' homemade chocolate chip cookies just might what you need.

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If you like crawfish, then there's only one place you need to be: Justin's Seafood Restaurant. With traditional New Orleans cajun spices and flavors, this seafood experience won't disappoint.

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Founded in 2003, the Atlanta Seafood Company brings you the very best in seafood, including freshly made sushi. However, ESSENCE Festival attendees can enjoy good 'ol fashioned cajun catfish, a fried catfish basket or a grilled salmon plate. Is your mouth watering yet?

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See, there's chicken and waffles, and then there's Ma Momma's House of Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles. Swing over there to indulge in any combination of wings and mini Belgian waffles you can think up!

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If you're interested in chicken wings with drunk French toast, then check out Diva Dawg/Chef Diva Catering, where you can also enjoy hot dogs with a twist. The crawfish etouffee dawg sounds especially appetizing.