13 Juicy Moments We Can't Wait To See on the 'Empire' Season Finale

After this week's "Empire," we know you're dying to see what next week's episode has in store. No, we don't have the full episode, but we do have pics that will hopefully tide you over until Wednesday (no spoilers!). Catch the two-hour season finale (we know—we're devastated, too) on Wednesday, March 18 at 9 pm ET on Fox.

Taylor Lewis Mar, 13, 2015

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Looks like Lucious is signing on a fresh new face to Empire! Do you think it could be Michelle (Jennifer Hudson), Andre's music therapist? Hmmm… 

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Snoop joins the cast as himself (and joins a super hot list of season one cameos).

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We know that look: Cookie has a few trick up her sleeve

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Lucious, do you really have another secret to confess? We still can't get over your bombshell last week when we found out that you were actually Lola's daddy.

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It looks like it's Christmas morning at the Lyon's den. Except when it comes to Lucious, there never seems to be much cheer. 

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Hakeem and Jamal singing together gives us liiiife. Our hearts literally melted when they sang that duet for Lola last week. 

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Lucious may not ever accept Jamal's homosexuality, but at least the two can have an amicable professional relationship. Remember, Lucious, it's thanks to Jamal that you have Delphine!

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Is that a moving box that we see? Cookie may be devising up her own plan, but we hope that she's not dippin' out on Empire. Lucious needs her! Malcolm needs her! And most importantly, we need her!

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Do you think Snoop is trying to get Hakeem to do a little reggae? We would totally watch that.

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It seems like Empire Entertainment is always on the brink of collapse, but surely Snoop can bring some positive press to the label.

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Hakeem looks happy, and Lucious looks skeptical. Who do you think they're watching?

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Porsha is back! Last week's episode just wasn't the same without she and Cookie's repartee.

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After his scary emotional breakdown, Andre looks healthier and ready to take care of business. The question is, will Lucious let him?

Catch the two-hour season finale of Empire on Wednesday, March 18 at 9 pm ET on Fox.