Dy-no-mite: Celebs We'd Cast in 'Good Times' Movie

When news broke that Sony Pictures was planning to make a film adaptation of the hit '70s sitcom, Good Times, it left many rejoicing with a resounding "Dy-no-mite!" While casting for the film hasn't been announced, we had a few suggestions of our own. Check out which actors we selected to play the iconic characters. In a perfect world, who would you cast?

Derrick Taylor Mar, 13, 2013

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Loretta's comedic timing and dramatic reach is the right balance to play the rock of the Evans's family. -Cori Murray, ESSENCE Entertainment Director

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Terry Crews can play funny with a straight face. He's had great practice in his other roles as the dad. He could easily pull off James as a strong yet humble regular family man. -Akkida McDowell, ESSENCE Deputy Research Editor

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Brandon T. Jackson would be the perfect picture of silliness with a touch of delusional sexy and that sheepish smile. This guy may skew a lil' older but Jimmie Walker was 27(!) when he donned JJ's hat. Brandon Jackson is a natural cut-up who could strike that pose, flash that sheepish smile, utter "Chello" and "Kid Dy-no-mite" flawlessly. -Akkida McDowell, ESSENCE Deputy Research Editor

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Thelma had sass, brains, attitude and an abundance of beauty! Everything that a modern-day woman on a mission would have. Tika Sumpter's acting ability and star appeal would make her the best fit for Thelma. We'd love to see her bring it! -Derrick Taylor, ESSENCE.com Associate Editor

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There's something so earnest about the Everybody Hates Chris alum—it's easy to picture him talking politics and raising the Black Power fist. -Dawnie Walton, ESSENCE.com Managing Editor

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Vivica could totally nail Willona's stylish and sassy sistergirl thing down. Vivica channeling Janet DuBois could tell somebody off like nobody's business with two snaps! —Akkida McDowell, Deputy Research Editor

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A dash of her cute mixed with her attention-grabbing presence makes Wallis the perfect stand-in for the always adorable Penny Woods of Good Times. —Charlene Cooper, ESSENCE.com Intern

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The broad characters Kenan Thompson plays on Saturday Night Live make him a perfect candidate to play the larger-than-life "Buffalo Butt." -Dawnie Walton, ESSENCE.com Managing Editor