Columbus Short

Columbus Short
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 03, 2009

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Three years after making his big screen debut in “You Got Served,” Short starred alongside Chris Brown for 2007’s “Stomp the Yard.” The film would put the dancer-turned-actor on everybody’s radar.

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Short co-starred among a group of scholastic slackers in the college-themed comedy, “Accepted.”

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Last year, Short starred (and held his own!) alongside veteran actor Laurence Fishburne for the action-thriller, “Armored.”

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Short joined Kate Beckinsdale for the thriller, “Whiteout,” set in Antarctica.

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In the sci-fi, zombie flick, “Quarantine,” Short was charged with investigating the outbreak of a mysterious, contagious virus.

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Though Short tried his best to keep a secret from his overbearing family in “This Christmas,” he was eventually found out.

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Short joined Beyonce, Gabrielle Union and Jeffrey Wright for the period drama, “Cadillac Records.” He delivered a powerful performance as blues harmonica player, Little Walter.

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Short’s character, Jeff, played a very pivotal role in the over-the-top, hallucinogenic-fueled drama that ensued in “Death at a Funeral.”

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Short is bringing it, with ammo, for the action-adventure, “The Losers,” opening today.

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Columbus Short started his career as a dancer with dance-percussion touring show “Stomp” at age 17. He then trained as a dancer and quickly found himself choreographing Britney Spears’ concerts.

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Playing DJ in 2007’s “Stomp the Yard,” Short was able to bridge the gap between his two passions, dance and acting.


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