Chic Busy Mom Easter Kids Vacation

Chic Busy Mom Easter Kids Vacation
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 12, 2012

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The place where we stayed!

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Of course, the kids swindled me into buying them cowboy hats.

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This is Sylvia Fletcher who is an awesome ventriloquist. I thought I would have to suffer through her show but it was actually pretty funny. The parent passed wine also helped.

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I know this photo is far away but it doesn’t matter. I was so proud of my 8 year old for going on the horse trail by himself that I had to snap this shot.

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The other two were two young so we had to head over to the pony rides.

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The indoor water park at Rocking Horse Ranch.

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My two oldest racked up at the Easter egg hunt.

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The Easter bunny freaked out my baby so he could only grab these two eggs.


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