Celebs with Insured Body Parts

Celebs with Insured Body Parts
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 07, 2010

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No running your fingers, braiding or even touching this pro-baller’s hair, unless you have $1 million dollars for any incidental damages.

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The rumored mommy-to-be took out a policy on her legs back in 2006 for $1 billion, after committing to shaving giant Gillette’s Legs of a Goddess campaign. More than likely there was no clause in the policy for swollen ankles so Mariah better be careful.

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Actor Terrence Howard is blessed with good looks that rely heavily on his amazing eyes, so he needs to get his peepers insured — Howard wouldn’t be nearly as dreamy without them.

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All-star singer Beyonce would probably be doing herself a disservice not to take out a policy on her huge hair.  Since MJ, she is probably the artist most known for her stage presence, and after what we all learned from Jackson’s hair incident, well, you never know.

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Chilli has rocked her signature Prostyle gel-ed down baby hairs since her TLC years. She should take the time to get them insured, because there are too many people lurking in the shadows who are dying to bring her hair style into 2010 and chop those baby hairs off her forehead.

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Starlet America Ferrera wore braces on the hit show “Ugly Betty” but in real life her pearly whites are insured for $10 million after partnering with Aquafresh White Trays in 2007. If anything were to happen to her teeth, Ferrera will be smiling all the way to the bank.

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Model Heidi Klum made sure she would be able to strut down the runway as long as she could. In 2008, Klum, the wife of Seal, took out a policy for $2.2 million dollars on her legs.

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In 2007, insuring legs seemed to be the trend, and singer Amerie decided to hop on the bandwagon. She insured her gams for $2.2 million because they were important to her singing and dancing career, now if she had only insured her career…

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Once entertainers get a little cash, they hardly ever sport their natural God-given smiles. And although we don’t know if Janet’s teeth are hers, her smile is enough to light up a room, so we believe insurance would make sense.

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Like Carey, the pop heiress Rihanna made sure her long Bajan legs were insured for $1 million by Gillette when she was given their Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award in 2007. There’s a Chris Brown joke to insert here….

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On the other hand, back in 2008, singer Tom Jones that it wasn’t unusual to take out a $7 million dollar policy on his chest hair — at the age of 67! Are you serious? FAIL.

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At 71, the Queen of Rock-n-Roll Tina Turner has the body of a woman in her twenties. A large part of that is due to her gorgeously fit legs, which she insured for $3.2 million.

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Rapper-turned-actor James Todd Smith has been turning us on and licking his lips as a trademark for years. LL could afford to definitely have his luscious lips insured — or at least cop a lip balm deal.

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Not only does Jenny from the block embrace her curves she insures them for $27 million dollars. Back in the early 2000s, Lopez was rumored to take a policy out on her booty, making each butt cheek worth $13.5 million. If true, that’s what you call a money maker.


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