Celebrity Travel Style 2010

Celebrity Travel Style 2010
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 23, 2010

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Bey maintains her rockstar appeal in dark jeans and knee-high lace-up boots while arriving at LAX.

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Love how Kelly keeps it casual while jet-setting across the world.

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Even with no makeup Vivica is one foxy lady. The actress opted for a casual look with a velvet velour suit while arriving at LAX.

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Kimora and her crew of pint-sized stylistas keep it colorful after a long flight from New York. Those Ugg boots Ming and Aoki are wearing are perfect for traveling.

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Mom and daughter keep it chic in matching boots on their way out of LAX.

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A simple cardigan, black Tom’s slippers and shades are all Zoe needs to stay comfy and chic while traveling.

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Don’t blame Usher for asking his bodyguard to hold his luggage while he walks through the airport. Would you want to mess up his dapper look?

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Can Halle Berry ever be incognito? We’d spot her signature pixie cut and black motorcycle jacket anywhere.

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Campbell stays fashionable in a mini skirt and fringed sandals while making her way to a car after a long flight.

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Before their troubles in L.A. Tiny and T.I. looked casual while arriving at LAX.

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Stylish in a Prada tote, motrorcyle boots and a leather jackets, Kelly Rowland knows that a girl’s gotta stay sexy, even while traveling.

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No sneakers and tracksuits here, Fantasia keeps cool in a linen jumpsuit and platforms.

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Nicole’s casual bohemian look is perfect for a flight or day on the town.

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Of course if you’re Mariah Carey you fly on a private jet so you’re camera-ready when you step out.

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Leave it to Rihanna to wear stilettos while traveling.


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