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Celebrity Couples
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 07, 2011

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Kimora and Djimon always make time for each other, even if it’s a quick lunch date between the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives, just to say, “I love you and I’ll see you at home later.”

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Halle and Olivier lean in to each other sweetly at an Oscars dinner at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

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Flo Rida took his girlfriend Eva Marcille to Lebron James’ 29th birthday in Miami.

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This chic couple is pretty private, but when Janet and Wisam step out they always look their best.

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Vivica and Omar enjoy a steamy night together in the sexy city of Miami.

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Loretta Devine took her husband Glenn Marshall along to watch her get honored at this year’s ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood luncheon.

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How about lunch in Hollywood followed by a romantic motorcycle ride along the Pacific Coast Highway?

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During their family trip to Martha’s Vinyard last year, the President and First Lady, made sure to schedule some alone time for themselves to reconnect and regroup over a romantic dinner at Sweet Life Cafe..

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Common and Serena hold each other close on the red carpet of “Date Night.”

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New Yorkers Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz like to kick it at a Knicks game once in a while to remind them of the magical city where they fell in love.

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When onlookers were still wondering if RiRi and Matt Kemp were actually an item, the two stepped out together to catch a basketball game.

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Though they’ve recently called it quits, Rihanna and Matt sure did love to cozy up at a restaurant or night club every now and then.

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Lance Gross and his wardrobe stylist girlfriend Rebecca Jefferies hold hands during a shopping trip. There’s nothing like a little retail therapy to bring you closer together, eh ladies.

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Since Slimm is a club promotor, it’s safe to assume that he and Vivica like to get close on the dance floor or in their own private booth at a nightclub when they can.

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Zoe and her fiance Keith have a blast together on the slopes.

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Omarosa and Michael enjoy the ultimate cuddle fest while taking in a basketball game together.

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John Legend and his Sports Illustrated model girlfriend Christine Tiegen are always seen holding hands and smiling. What a happy couple!

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The pair enjoyed a little shopping trip in between romantic strolls around the French island.

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Newlyweds Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys headed down to St. Barths for the holidays

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Jay Tucker keeps a smile on his funny-girl fiance’s face.

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Basketball fans, Omarosa and Micheal take in a Lakers game on their night off.

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Recently engaged singer Amerie celebrated her 32nd birthday in Miami with her fiance, Lenny Nicholson.

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The world first got a glimpse of Halle and Olivier as a couple when they were seen strolling through the streets of Paris last fall.

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When Vivica Fox hosted the ‘Fantastique Fox Baileys Signature Event’ at Thirteen Restaurant in Philly, the actress knew who her plus one would be. Her P.Y.T. fiance Slimm of course.

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The Carter’s neighborhood of Tribeca, NYC is filled with romantic date spots with tables for two.

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Who better to celebrate your birthday with you than your boo? These lucky lovebirds are so happy they found each other.

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Whenever Gabby’s in South Beach her Miami Heat BF Dwyane Wade takes her out to fabulous places.

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A recent study found that double dates help increase romantic feelings between couples. It looks like Keisha, Forest, Kelly and John make for a great night out.

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Kimora and Djimon love to eat at Bao Steakhouse on Sunset Blvd. This isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted leaving the restaurant hand in hand.

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Despite their efforts to go unnoticed Halle and Olivier get snapped by the Paparazzi while enjoying a quiet dinner. We love how Halle chose to sit next to her boo instead of across from him. Why not reduce the space between them?

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When Will and Jada can get a break from their superstar kids, they like to really enjoy each other’s company.

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Recently engaged Sherri and Lamar are lost in their love bubble.

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Talk about romance. Last summer while Beyonce and Jay-Z were sailing through the Mediterranean, the couple stopped for a night out in beautiful Portofino, Italy.

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Christine made sure John’s birthday was more than memorable.

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Just a few months shy of giving birth to son Julian Fuego, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke went out on a New Year’s Eve date in Las Vegas.

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Bey and Jay love to kick it courtside.

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A few weeks after their son Egypt was born, Alicia and Swzz stepped out for a night on the town in New York City.

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Like a chivalrous gentleman, Barack Obama helps his wife Michelle as she gets into their SUV after a fabulous dinner to celebrate the President’s birthday.

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Keisha shows her hubby some affection as they cozy up at her birthday party.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon keep their romance alive with regular date nights. Here the couple flash their million dollar smiles while out on a date in New York City.

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Gabbrielle and Dwyane exchange glances at Madame Tong’s Redeux event in the Hamptons, NY.

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When Halle and Oliver dress up they look fabulous together.

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