Celebrities Behaving Badly in 2011

Celebrities Behaving Badly in 2011
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 12, 2011

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Both Chris Brown’s music and his antics kept him in the headlines this year. In March 2011 he threw a chair through a window and stormed out of ‘Good Morning America’ studios after being asked questions about Rihanna. Brown’s year ended on a positive note, with a successful summer tour and three Grammy nominations.

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For the many successes that Nicki Minaj had this year, she’s had just as many scandals. The rapper’s alleged altercation with a male friend in a Dallas hotel was caught on tape, though she refused to press charges. A few months later Minaj was accused of getting into a fight with her maid. Yikes!

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The comedian started a firestorm when reports of his homophobic rant flooded the Internet on June 10. Tracy later apologized for saying he would murder his son if he told him he was gay. “I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words,” he said in a statement. “I’m not a hateful person.”

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Katt Williams is known for his raunchy stand-ups, but when he made some xenophobic comments about Latinos, it got him and his comedy, in mounds of trouble this past summer. Williams later apologized, saying he did not mean to be offensive.

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Former presidential candidate Herman Cain struggled with scandals this year. Three women accused him of sexual harassment and another came forward to say she had a 13-year affair with the married father of two. He has since dropped out out of the Republican run for President.

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A judge granted a temporary restraining order against Howard in early December after his ex-wife Michelle Ghent claimed he threatened to kill her and abused her.

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The sexy ‘CSI’ star was accused of breaking his ex-girlfriend’s nose during a domestic altercation. A judge issued a 3-year restraining order against Dourdan, who is no longer allowed to communicate with his ex. Oy vey!

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The Outkast member was arrested after Miami police found ecstasy pills and marijuana residue in his possession. He avoided jail time but did have to pay $2000 in fines and undergo three months of mandatory drug testing.

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Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife accused him of owing $100,000 in child support this summer. The singer was stranded in Burkina Faso, Africa after traveling with an expired passport. According to the law, a person cannot renew their passport until they become current on payments.

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NeNe Leakes’ tell-it-like-it-is style has made her one of reality TV’s most beloved stars. But the reality slugger may have lost a few fans after her many heated exchanges with Star Jones on “Celebrity Apprentice” this past summer. “I wouldn’t spit on Star if she was on fire,” she told Wendy Williams. Ouch!

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Usher and Tameka Raymond’s two-year marriage ended with a messy divorce in 2009. Now, Tameka is demanding full custody of their two sons, and accuses Usher of drug abuse. Now if only the

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The news of Will and Jada’s divorce shocked the news outlets and sent all social media into a frenzy! Thank God it was a rumor!

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All eyes were on Chris Brown in March 2011 after smashing a chair through a window and storming out. ""I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!" he later tweeted referring to questions about Rihanna. Luckily Brown’s year ended on a positive note, with a successful summer tour to support his album, and three Grammy nominations.

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For as many successes this year that Nicki Minaj has had, she’s had just as many scandals. She had a nip slip while performing on Good Morning America, there was the infamous account in which she attacked her maid, and she got into an alleged fight with her hubby in a hotel room! Yikes!

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T-Boz is about to file for bankruptcy after reports say that she owes $768,643 in debt to creditors, mostly for the mortgage on her 1.2 million dollar home!

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NeNe Leakes has hit the reality scene swinging! The infamous reality slugger is known for throwing slurs at Star Jones on the “Celebrity Apprentice” so much you would have thought it was a boxing match!

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Tyrese has received a lot of shade in 2011. Between the heat he caught for not having black women in his videos, and being thrown out of a radio station, he definitely is ending the years with some things to remember him by!

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After being released from prison, T.I. thought he was in the clear, until he was sent back to jail after showing up to the halfway house in a luxury bus. He just can’t catch a break!

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Who can forget Kelly Rowland’s wardrobe malfunction while performing in New Jersey. The singer had a double nip slip!

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The past two years have been nothing if not dramatic for Chris Tucker. In 2010 tThe IRS filed documents saying he owed over 11 million dollars. This

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Eddie Murphy stepped down as host of next year’s Academy Awards because of a homophobic remark made by director, and friend, Brett Ratner.

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When the world found out Beyonce was pregnant, it almost shut down twitter! But so did news of her alleged “folding baby bump,” after footage was released from an Australian talk show!

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After the Occupy Wall Street movement garnered much support from across the nation, Jay-Z created his line of “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts which proved controversial.

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After dealing with rumors of Fantasia being involved with a married man, she admitted this year that she was pregnant making her a punching bag for the press. This also resulted in a lot of drama with her new movie, “Mahalia Jackson.”

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Halle Berry and ex-hubby Gabriel Aubry called it quits early this year, but as the custody battles started heating up, so did the heated arguments between the two! Both parents are now fighting for parental control over their daughter Nahla.

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Toni Braxton is no stranger to money woes, the legendary singer had to file for bankruptcy again this year.


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