Celeb Style: Bold Turbans

Celeb Style: Bold Turbans
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 20, 2010

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The fashionista tops her platinum blond locks with a bold, printed turban. We love!

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Solange looks flawless in these rich tribal prints and a black and white turban.

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Here, solange offers an eclectic alternative to the classic turban: a netted version.

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This black satin turban complements the Boho-vibe of Beyonce’s look.

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Estelle keeps this sleek and modern with a navy blue, silk turban.

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The celebrated songstress picks a leopard print turban for a recent video shoot.

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Fraiser’s black wrapped turban is perfectly complimented by this Little Black Dress and bold, sterling silver jewelry.

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The celeb stylist gives us glam with this sky high bronze turban!

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Again, June Ambrose looks every inch the fashion forward stylist with her now signature black turban.

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Erykah Badu is always adventurous when it comes to her hair, but we love her the most in her signature head wrap, worn piled high as she has it here.

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Whoopi Goldberg, in character, on the set of “For Colored Girls.”

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India Arie lets her natural beauty shine with this simple, chocolate colored turban.

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Only Cecily Tyson can make this eclectic head piece incredibly elegant.

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The late Eartha Kitt embodies the essence of eclectic chic in this tan turban.

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For points on how ornate you can get with turbans, just take notes from this runway image.

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Naomi Campbell’s turban adds an eclectic element to this elegant jumpsuit with her electric blue turban.

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Hermes offers a leather version of the turban on their runway.

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Model and stylist Chalya Shagaya makes a bold accessory even bolder by opting for an orange turban.

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We love this metallica, multi-stripped turban worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & The City.