Celeb Hairstylist Explain Top Styles From Black Women in Hollywood

Top celeb hairstylists break down the best looks from Hollywood's biggest event for Black women.

Deena Campbell Feb, 26, 2016

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Cynthia Alvarez: Zendaya is the epitome of Chic! Her sleek braided pony was spot on, especially with the slight waves along her hairline.

Shivonne Jackson: She has a beautiful face for this chic style. Adding a braid to your ponytail gives it an extra flare. A sleek ponytail is a great timeless look.

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Andre Walker: Nothing is more chic than a pulled back pony or braid. To add a little interest to your edges, add a creme gelee like the Gold System Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème Gelee plus water. Then brush your edges into waves, framing your face. Using a tooth brush is key, because it's small.

Larry Sims: Zendaya’s look was one of my favorites of the nights. It’s sweet, chic and completely flawless with her pulled back middle part braided pony. Loved the simple wave of her hairline.

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Cynthia Alvarez: These chunky twists are really low maintenance and super cute! She styled them perfectly by twisting a few pieces away from her face, complimenting the high neck of her dress.

Shivonne Jackson: Keke nailed this look. The shaved sides adds edge to these chunky twist. This is a great protective style for natural hair.

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Andre Walker: Keke took this two strand twist to another level by piling a few strands on top. Then she pinned the strands in a cool shape, which gives a little height and makes the look more chic.

Larry Sims: So young and fresh and on trend! Keke’s look takes a throwback style and adds a modern twist.

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Cynthia Alvarez: How cute is her fun and flirty hair? I love that it has a bed head vibe to it.

Shivonne Jackson: Meagan has the perfect facial shape and bone structure for any style. Add curls to your cropped mane to achieve a more voluminous look.

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Andre Walker: Her beachy waves are just so happy! This is very easy to achieve. Use a medium/small wand to spiral curl one inch sections. Finger comb to style individual clusters of curls. Brushing or combing will disturb and break open your curls.

Larry Sims: Megan’s lob style is textured, luscious and rich. The color and shine is super vibrant on the hair and perfect for the nights event.

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Cynthia Alvarez: She has colored hair, so using products designed to replenish and hydrate her tresses, like the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-In-Oil, before styling is important to prevent damage from heat styling.

Shivonne Jackson: Color is always a great choice for the season. Just avoid using excessive heat with color.

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Andre Walker: Estelle has changed her entire look just by changing her hair color to this cool golden blonde. This jaw length bob is easily maintained by using a flat iron to slightly bend the ends.

Larry Sims: Estelle’s color is really vibrant and sometimes this texture tends to look dry and over processed. With her look she managed to achieve a smooth, finished texture with healthy looking color. To achieve a similar finish trying using Smooth ‘N Shine Polishing Instant Repair Hair Polisher.

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Cynthia Alvarez: Deep side parts are the perfect style to balance face shapes for women with high foreheads and wider faces. The texture is great because it’s really easy going and effortless.

Shivonne Jackson: This is a great spring look. The dark roots toned down the vibrant color adding radiance to her complexion. Soft effortlessly waves works great with this cut.

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Andre Walker: This Ombré blonde Bob is perfect for LaToya. It gives her both a sexy and innocent look. It's easily achieved by using a medium size curling wand to slightly bend the hair where you want it to wave. The trick is not to completely curl the hair, but just bend it in different sections.

Larry Sims: I love the undone curls and the beautiful color on her because it really brightens up her complexion. The slight bends in the hair create a style that doesn’t look over done or over styled.

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Cynthia Alvarez: Nicole is one who always embraces her natural hair and gets really fun and creative with it.

Shivonne Jackson: This color compliments her eyes. For this natural updo use a leave in moisturizer to define curls and control frizz. You can never go wrong with a classic elegant updo.

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Andre Walker: The faux hawk is created by air drying natural hair and using a moisturizer as your leave in styler. The trick to getting the hawk is by pinning your hair up on each side and letting the front fall as it wants. For a little drama, back comb the top for more height.

Larry Sims: The up-do of curls cascading onto her forehead really compliments the overall style.

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Cynthia Alvarez: Wendy looks amazing with this cropped hair and subtle pop of color.

Shivonne Jackson: Wendy looks flawless with this short style. This cut gives her a more youthful and sophisticated look. Short hair is a great low maintenance style.

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Andre Walker: The most important thing for a short cut like this pixie is to have well conditioned healthy hair and a precise cut. With this combo the styling is effortless.

Larry Sims: Wendy rocked a short crop to match her vibrant personality. I love that she departed from her usual long styles we are used to seeing. This style definitely gave her a funky edge with a lived in texture.


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