Celeb Cam: Instagram Pics of the Week

Tracee Ellis Ross crashes Brown U.'s graduation, Trai Byers travels on horseback, and Gabrielle Union, Jhené Aiko and more have some fun in the sun in the best Instagram pics from this week.

Jolie A. Doggett May, 29, 2015

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Everyday. Everywhere.

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Jump for joy: It's beautiful day in the June-iverse.

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Life's a day at the beach with the Strahan clan.

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They're working on new music together (after this selfie, of course).

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Bothered and Unbothered sunbathing.

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Get that body right for the warm weather Anthony Anderson and friends.

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Room on that horse for one more, Trai?

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Just another day at the park surrounded by... giant teapots?

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The Smolletts: A Family Affair.

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Look who bumped into eachother at AfroPunk Paris? It's Michaela and Willow!

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Summertime fine.

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FKA Twigs. Just being herself.

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Lenny, Chris and Adrian. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that conversation...