Bridal Bliss: Love On the Job

Bridal Bliss: Love On the Job
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 05, 2011

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After just three weeks of dating Norvil was so sure he’d found the one in Ayesha that he told her didn’t want to see anyone else.

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Ayesha bought her dream dress five months after Norvil popped the question. Since the pair were engaged for six years she says she would periodically sneak and try it on when he wasn’t home.

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Ayesha was all smiles on her wedding day because everything went her way. “No bloopers,” she says. “Everything was on point.”

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Ayesha’s bridal style was classic perfection. We love her scoop neck gown and side swept hairstyle.

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One of the bride’s favorite wedding moments was when their son noticed his father putting the ring on his mom’s finger. “It was the only time he took notice to what was going on,” Ayesha says. “It was priceless.”

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Ayesha flashes a big smile to match her big day. Everything was exactly the way she always dreamed it would be.

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Another wedding moment Ayesha will cherish forever? “Having my daddy walk me down the aisle,” she tells us.

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The beaming bride on her wedding day.

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Ayesha’s bridal party looks on as she exchanges vows with the love of her life.

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Ayesha and Norvil have been inseparable since the day they met. They chose a wedding location just fifteen minutes from their California home to ensure it would always have sentimental value.

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Ayesha searched and searched for the perfect dead palms to use to make the broom for their jumping the broom ritual.

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“I loved this idea,” says Ayesha, who originally wanted to release white doves. “It was so easy, fun, and beautiful.”I spent months searching on the internet before I came across the butterflies and I think it was the perfect touch for our ceremony."

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Ayesha and Norvil have such a look of love in their eyes when they’re staring at one another.

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Ayesha and Norvil pose with their parents and children for this lovely family photo.

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Ayesha strikes a happy pose with the girls.

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Norvil whispers sweet nothings in his new wife’s ear.

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The Laguna Beach rooftop location Ayesha and Norvil chose for their ceremony was spectacular.

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Norvil helped Ayesha plan their special day most of the way but toward the end she chose to let him skip deciding on the little details just to save his sanity.

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The bride and groom shine in this stunning black and white photo.

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Ayesha and Norvil chose to spend a large portion of their wedding budget on photography — a decision they were so grateful for in the end because they have photos this lovely to share.

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Moments this spectacular are the ones you remember forever. We are just in love with this portrait of Ayesha and Norvil.

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After officially becoming Mr. and Mrs. Whitlow Ayesha and Norvil walk off into their new life together.

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Their black and white three tier round cake is absolute perfection.

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The intimate guest list included only their closest friends and family. The happy couple wanted to ensure that only those they cherished most shared in their special day.

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“We decided on a candy buffet complete with personalized lollipops, chocolates, and mints,” recalls Ayesha.

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The bride happily toasts her big moment. Photos by The COCO Gallery.


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