Bridal Bliss: Kamaria and Ricky

Bridal Bliss: Kamaria and Ricky
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 26, 2010

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When Kamaria met Ricky she thought he’d be a boy toy. He proved to her he was a real man and the two got married at the Sandals resort in beautiful St. Lucia on April 20, 2007.

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A self-proclaimed online shopper, Kam said she found her Maggie Sottero Couture Wedding Gown for $500 at

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Kamaria choose to skip the traditional veil and sweep her hair into a tousled up-do for her beach nuptials.

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The Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa and Beach Resort was the perfect setting for Kamaria and Ricky’s laid back tropical wedding.

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Kamaria’s good friend and travel agent Sofia helped the bride and groom with their wedding arrangements.

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Kamaria says that Ricky knew he wanted to marry her the minute he saw her.

“I had agreed to marry her long before we got married,” Ricky confirms. “…I felt that cheesy love at first sight kind of thing.”

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Kamaria said it was extremely important for her to improve her spiritual life before committing to her husband.

“I told Ricky, in order for me to be a really great wife for you, before we get married I want to go to church and I want to get saved.”

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“I have friends who don’t give good guys a chance because they’re looking for the wrong things,” Kam says. “I met my soulmate, my husband by letting all of those things go.”

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Ricky says he’s been craving the solid foundation of a strong family for a long time, since he didn’t have it growing up. He’s finally found that with Kamaria and couldn’t be happier.

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St. Lucia’s blue skies and even bluer waters were the perfect backdrop to the couple’s simple, elegant wedding. They read their own vows in this beachfront pavillion decorated by Sandals.

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Ricky holds the train Kamaria’s dress as they walk to their intimate wedding reception.

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Ricky’s always been a loving partner to Kamaria. He’s currently into teaching their toddler to pick flowers for his mother.

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“My Husband and I are best friends who do everything together so we wanted to find rings together that reflected our creative personalities.” Kamaria says. “We also wanted to find  a very unique and different engagement ring for me. So we found a jewelry store in Glendale, CA called Classic Designs. They designed a beautiful white gold and VVS diamond band with a rose gold and diamond butterfly and flower on top, coordinating perfectly with our island wedding theme and my natural love for the Caribbean. We also found a gorgeous rose gold and diamond wedding band to go with my engagement ring two weeks before the wedding. My Husband’s ring was designed by Robbins Bros, and is a white gold band with two bands encircling it. He only wears watches when it comes to jewelry, so he wanted his ring to have a unique design without all the flashy diamonds in it.”

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Kamaria says Ricky is eccentric and unique. “He doesn’t always do the norm,” she admits. “He keeps our relationship spontaneous and fun.”

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Ricky saw that Kamaria needed some extra time to let her guard down and let him in. So, he was patient with her and it paid off.

When Kam wrote her vows, she emphasized how happy he made her for “sticking it out” with her.

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Sandals provided everything Kam and Ricky needed for their wedding. Kamaria brought along these studded initials to add an extra touch of love to the top of their cake.

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Kamaria and Ricky Jokingly feed each other their vanilla wedding cake with fruit filling.

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Kamaria admits that life as a couple and a family hasn’t always been easy, but she’s glad she’s got her soulmate by her side.

“I was a single, independent mother for so long. I had to get used to having somebody to answer to. That was one sacrifice I never regret. He really loves me and he cares about my safety.”

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Kam said that early on in their courtship she and Ricky decided to keep their business to themselves.

“We made a pact when we first moved in together that we weren’t going to let people in our relationship. I share things with my friends, but the bigger issues are issues that Ricky and I need to work out together.”

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Ricky and his bride frolic in the sea and sand after saying “I do.”

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Couples have to stay on the island of St. Lucia for at least three days before they can legally be married, Kamaria explained. So, she and Ricky had a three-day-long pre-wedding honeymoon as well as their three-day-long post-wedding honeymoon.

“We had a private coach teach us how to play tennis, we played pool volleyball, went para-sailing, jet skiing, and tubing,” Kam remembers.

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Kam and Ricky stare over the breathtaking St. Lucia landscape and reflect on their new beginning as husband and wife. Their t-shirts read “Just Married.”


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