Blow His Mind! The 11 Secret Habits Of Successful Daters

Instantly elevate your dating game with these matchmaker-approved tricks.

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We teach people how to date for a living, and have mastered the art of dating and how to make it work for you. It has worked to help us find long lasting relationships for both our clients and ourselves. Here are some must-read tips and tricks to elevate your dating game. Ready to give them a go? Read on!

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No one wants to feel as though they have to chisel away at your thoughts very time you’re together and they're trying to get to know you better. We hear from both men and women that they never want to feel like they’re dragging someone along when either the conversation or ability to share is one-sided. That’s no fun and usually turns out to be too much work. Be open and honest, giving lots of details so that he knows what makes you different from anyone else he’s ever dated before.

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Even if you’re juggling a million things in your life, make him feel like he’s the only one in the world when you’re together and the only thing that matters. Forget about work. Keep your phone out of your hand and out of sight. Since he knows you have a lot going on, he will appreciate the undivided attention and feel special. Plus, this means way more eye contact!

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We’ve said it a million times: Men get bored easily and need diversity in their lives and conversation. You need to be his friend, lover, confidant, key influencer and home girl too. When you are all things, more than likely you will keep him wanting more.

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When you have an even balance between work, fun, family, and spirituality, there is no need for him to feel as though you need to monopolize all of his time or that he can monopolize all of yours. In fact, men tell us they appreciate a woman who has her own life, hobbies, goals and dreams. It takes the pressure off of him feeling as if he’s smothered. Start sharing your hobbies and interests early in the dating phase and he is guaranteed to be intrigued with all your wonder. 

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Have the ability to create fun, lasting memories when you’re together. Just think back on the most memorable dates you’ve had. You typically don’t remember who you saw the movie with 3 years ago or what you had for dinner on a date 5 years ago, but you will remember who you took your first horseback riding trip with, first hike, or bike ride together at the beach. Create memories and you will never be forgotten.

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Successful daters keep him knowing exactly where he stands because you’re constantly letting him know when he’s on the right track and what it is you love about him. This will allow the behavior and treatment you want from him to continue and you both reap the benefits! Besides, it’s great not having to wonder or guess where you both stand in the relationship.

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Love who you are TODAY and if you're confident and comfortable, he will be too.

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Always show up on time and without excuses. Being late for a date can be viewed as irresponsible, poor planning. It can make him feel that he's just not that important. If you're not respectful of someone’s time they may not take you seriously.

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There’s nothing worse than having a great time with someone and then only hearing from them occasionally afterward. Long periods of silence show mixed signals and encourages the other person’s mind to wander and wonder if you’re not that into them. If you don’t really have time to date, don’t. Even the busiest people make time for what’s important.

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Do you have dishes, clothes or papers everywhere at home, in your office or in your car? You shouldn’t. Remember his first impression of you may begin sooner than you think and it only takes one mess for him to assume the worst about getting to know you and your habits.

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We encourage you to try these tips if you want different dating results than you’ve had before. We have challenged our clients to remove any preconceived notions or past behaviors and instead incorporate these simple things into their dating regimen to help their relationships move forward. Consider it an experiment. Good luck!

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