Black Style Now: Fashion Editors

Style writers and editors take you behind the scenes at your favorite magazines and newspapers.

Celia L. Smith Sep, 06, 2012

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Title: Fashion Writer

Publication: VOGUE Magazine

My Job: "I cover fashion news for both print and online editions of VOGUE. During Fashion Week that means reviewing shows, presentations and picking up on new styles as they happen on the runway and the street."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Last season I injured my ankle just before the shows - there was a lot of hobbling around which was pretty exhausting and not very chic! I'm sticking to flats and low heels this time. My feet will thank me."

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Title: Fashion News Editor

Publication: Glamour Magazine

My Job: "I edit and write the fashion stories in the magazine as well as interview designers and celebrities for our pages. Also, as an editor I am always out on the market and going to shows to find the top trends and up-and-coming designers to feature in our pages. Everyday is different for me!"

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Always have a stylish flat in your bag for those 'I can't feel my feet' moments. And stash a charger in your bag - it's a guarantee that your phone will run out of juice."

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3 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Title: Online Style Editor


My Job: "I cover news and trends in both the fashion and beauty worlds. This means daily blogging, creating larger features, engaging with readers on all social media platforms and attending press events."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Pack snacks and red lipstick. At some point you'll need either to perk up that smile on your face."

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Title: Global Style Director

Publication: Metro International

My Job: "I produce fashion and beauty editorial that is syndicated across Metro's many international newspapers including New York, Milan, Moscow, Copenhagen and among many others. Whether covering the four major fashion weeks or traveling to Stockholm to discover emerging talents, my role is to look at style through a global lens. I also edit the new style vertical,"

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Don't forget to pack a sense of humor."

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Title: Director


My Job: "I oversee all aspects of the website and I manage the content. I work with the advertising group and create new initiatives. And I give direction for style and anything related to the content."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "The best thing you can do is eat well, and if you have a full stomach you'll have the most energy you can possibly have, then you can tackle any kind of fashion week related stress or intensity."

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Title: Style & Beauty Editor

Publication: The Huffington Post BlackVoices

My Job: "I spend my days covering all the most fabulous fashion and beauty news that's fit to print."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Whistle while you work! In other words, I try to have fun and remember how blessed I am to simply be involved in this amazing week."

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Title: Editor in Chief

Publication: ESSENCE Magazine

My Job: "As Editor in Chief, I set the direction for the premier fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publication for African American women. Each month, we aim to celebrate, inspire, entertain and empower an audience of more than 8 million. Throughout my career, I’ve been able to establish a strong connection with women across multiple platforms and I am passionate about giving African-American women the tools they need to make their boldest dreams come true. With a motivating message, intimate tone and culturally relevant editorial, my goal is to continue to nurture this bond through ESSENCE."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Coffee, vitamins plus pacing yourself."

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Title: Associate Market Editor

Publication: ESSENCE Magazine

My Job: " I scour the market for the coolest, chicest clothes and accessories of the season. I love styling stories to show our reader how to pull off the hottest new trends on an every-day girl's budget. My job can get stressful at times but when faced with crazy circumstances I remind myself that hard challenges are really just awesome stories to tell later."

#1 NYFW survival tip: " I always keep my bag stacked with a pair of cute flats and snacks!"

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Title: Fashion Market & Beauty Director

Publication: CR Fashion Book

My Job: "My primary role is to handle all markets for our photoshoots: including but not limited to ready-to-wear, fine jewelry, accessories, vintage and lingerie. I'm also responsible for the Beauty market which is an entirely new and exciting adventure for me. In addition to launching the magazine, we're also launching the website so I'm a part of the digital edit as well. The most amazing part of working on a small team is that you get to witness and become a part of the entire creative process - your job isn't limited to your title, everyone pitches in and uses their talents wherever it benefits the project."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Even though our schedules are jam packed and hectic, no matter how exhausted you are it's important to pay attention to the fresh young designers as well. It's a lot to cover, so I recommend wearing shoes that you can run around the city in - there's nothing worse than seeing someone struggle in stilettos."

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Title:  Journalist, Author and Columnist

Publication: Wall Street Journal

My Job: "In my weekly Ask Teri column, I answer readers' questions about fashion.  I'm now researching and writing a book on celebrities and fashion which is due out in 2014. My 1999 book, The End of Fashion, How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever, is still in print and also an e-book, and used in university courses."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "I'm always braced for what I call 'Manolo meltdown,' with ballet flats  stashed in my bag. I wear CoverGirl Outlast lipstick which really stays on all day. And I'm never without Listerine mint strips to zap coffee breath."

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Title:  Special Correspondent, Style and Culture

Publication: Newsweek and The Daily Beast

My Job: "I write about the international fashion industry, focusing on the intersection of style, culture, society and business."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Pace yourself. And always eat breakfast."

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Title: Fashion Assistant

Publication: W Magazine

My Job: "I am an assistant to W's Fashion Market and Accessories Director. I assist her with the French and Italian ready-to-wear markets and any projects she is working on. I make the French and Italian ready-to-wear requests for all of our photoshoots, manage Fashion Week and appointment scheduling and offer support for the entire fashion department. I also blog weekly for"

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Focus on one day at a time only. Enjoy the madness and keep lots of gum in your purse."

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Title: Style Assistant & Writer

Publication: The FADER Magazine

My Job: "I wear multiple hats: writer, market editor, stylist. I'm constantly on the hunt for new brands, designers and all-around creative folks to feature in the magazine and online. During press season, I'm running around attending fashion shows, presentations, market appointments, staying up on what's going on in the NYC scene."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Keep healthy snacks on hand and stay hydrated."

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Title: Online Fashion Editor

Publication: The New York Times

My Job: "I manage all aspects of the online styles report and the On the Runway blog, including assigning, editing, reporting and writing articles, blog posts and multimedia packages (original slide shows, audio/video features). I also supervise and plan web coverage of the New York, London, Milan and Paris womens, menswear and couture Fashion Week coverage, as well as red carpet."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Plan your schedule in detail, ahead of time and drink lots of smoothies. During the shows there's little time to stop for full meals, and water alone won't do the trick. A smoothie is filling and a perfect stabilizer and pick-me-up."

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Title: Style Director

Publication:  EBONY Magazine

My Job: "I oversee all fashion and beauty coverage in the magazine. Each month I am responsible for conceptualizing and styling our cover shoots and celebrity features. Additionally, I oversee the publication's style section, which has been redesigned and revamped under my direction; to provide monthly fashion and beauty content. I am dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to present style from a perspective that is unique to the EBONY brand."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Plenty of snacks! With back-to-back shows all day, its hard to find time to eat, so I always try to keep quick treats like almonds and cranberries in tow."

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Title: Fashion Editor

Publication: EBONY Magazine

My Job: "From scouring the market for cover shoot options, to attending shows for New York Fashion Week, I’m constantly looking for style items that best suit the EBONY reader. I also accompany my director on shoots and report on fashion happenings for the front-of-book."

#1 NYFW survival tip: "Invest in a large tote or duffel since you’ll be essentially living out of a bag for a week. That way you can keep a pair of flats, aspirin, phone charger (very important), hair bands, umbrella, travel toothbrush - and all disguised in a chic carryall without any being the wiser."

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